Seven Things Your Tattoo Artist Won’t Tell You

No matter what kind of job you have, there are secrets that you know about it that you don’t tell anyone. Whether it’s a secret stash of cookies in your filing cabinet or your how you bill each one of your clients, there are just some things that you just don’t talk to everyone about. [...]

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9 Problems with Healing Your Tattoo

    It’s the season for tattoo conventions, which means hundreds of people are getting tattooed for the first time. Because it could be the first time for a tattoo, knowing the healing stages might not be in your mind. Always ask your artists about the healing solution they use whether it’s tattoo cream, [...]

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30 Valentine’s Day Tattoos

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means love, hearts, and cupid! To celebrate the love-filled holiday, we went on Instagram and found some adorable and creative Valentine’s Day tattoos that are perfect for more than just the holiday. 30 Valentine’s Day Tattoos Cute Kissing Bunnies Instagram Be Mine Instagram Love at a Crosswalk [...]

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Tattoo Healing Stages

The Stages of a Healing Tattoo Stage One The initial stage of tattoo healing begins immediately after your tattooing session is finished. You should look at your tattoo as an open wound, and treat it accordingly. Your artist will gently wash the area and put a Saniderm bandage on it to protect it [...]

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Teresa Sharpe Bio

Saniderm is a proud sponsor of Best Ink Season 2 winner Teresa Sharpe. Teresa owns and works at Unkindness Art in Richmond, Virginia where she perfects her art style which she classifies as "illustration realism." Her work can be best described as something that you might see in a graphic novel. Teresa is one of the most recognizable [...]

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Top 8 Uses for Saran Wrap

Let’s be honest, Saran Wrap is used for a lot of things in our daily lives, but when it comes to healing a tattoo, it should be left out of the process. Unlike Saniderm, plastic wraps like Saran Wrap don’t let the tattoo breathe and heal properly. So instead of risking damage to your fresh [...]

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New Year, New Tattoo

It’s a new year which means it’s time to break out those resolutions. Rather than doing the usual “lose weight” and “go to the gym” why not save up and plan out the perfect tattoo? Coming up with the right tattoo takes time and so does finding the right artist. This means that your [...]

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