No itching, scabbing or peeling + fast shipping

I ordered my Saniderm on Friday and it was on my doorstep the following Monday! I’m getting ready for my third session on my chest piece. This is my first tattoo. At the age of 56 and an ex OR nurse, this product just made sense! I have not experienced the “expected itching, scabbing and... read more

—D. Daggett, NM

My Customers Are Getting The Best

“I’m always very skeptical of new products, but the first time I used Saniderm I was sold. I look more professional and my customers feel like they’re getting the best. I can’t say enough good about this product!”

—Vic, Artist/Shop Owner

Keeps It Clean

“I’ve used Saniderm on my ribs, my elbow and my shin and this stuff doesn’t come off. It keeps my tattoo clean and it heals a lot better … I’ll never use anything else.”

—Mike M., Tattoo Addict, Salt Lake City Utah

An Easy Miracle

“Saniderm is easy to use and it works like a miracle!”

—Dave M, Murdercreek Ink, Mobile Alabama

Great For Difficult Areas

“Your product is undeniably the best aftercare for Tattoo that I have ever seen. I recently had my underarm tattooed and was bandaged in Saniderm. Wow what a difference in comfort since the other armpit was done. I could put my arm down with nothing sticking to it the same day and went to work... read more

—Mike H, Eugene OR

Comfort and Ease; Brighter Colors and Darker Blacks

“I used Saniderm to bandage a armpit tattoo I did recently, and I have to say that I am really impressed at how it adhered to the skin and didn’t come off.The armpit is a difficult area to keep a bandage on and even so it is uncomfortable. My client swears by the product for... read more

—Craig, Positive Ink Tattoos, Eugene OR.

What A Difference In Heal Time And Color Stay

I received the samples I requested, I got to say this is a very unique product.  At first I was hesitant but my curiosity got the best of me, I have used it on two tattoos as of this letter and wow what a difference in heal time and color stay. I am very impressed,... read more

—London K, Artist

Great For People With Diabetes

“Miracle product- Can’t imagine getting a tattoo without Saniderm now. I am on the wrong side of forty and diabetic so seemed all my tattoos, especially on legs healed badly.  I have tried everything but this is first to really work. I have used it on my neck, chest, feet and legs with great success, myself... read more

—Ink Mama Nicola Benson, UK

Just What the Industry Needs

“Well what can I say, I have been using this product for some time now and what a product.  It does what it says on the tin, works well heals well and makes life easier for the aftercare, well recommended would not use any other product for aftercare anymore.  This is just what the tattoo... read more

—Roy Hanes, Precision Inking Tattoo Studio, UK

It’s the Best, Bar None

“I’ve been tattooing 20 years and have seen every process for healing there is.  Saniderm is the best, bar none.”

—Michael Warawa, Blue Orchid tattoo, Canada

Keeps the Aftercare Process Simple

“Let’s face it, some people just don’t take care of their fresh tattoo work correctly…or sometimes tattoos are hard to heal because of where they are on the body. Saniderm protects the tattoo while it heals and keeps the aftercare process simple.”

—Jeremy Hutchins, New York

Heal Quick, Stay Bright

“All artists inc myself use Saniderm on a daily basis, if you want your art to heal quickly, stay bright and with less risk of customers not looking after it properly! This is the only way to go.  What you see walking out the studio is what you see when they return for more :)”

—Giles Twigg, Inky G’s Tattoos – UK  

Vibrant Colors; No Leaking, Sticking or Staining

“I have been using Saniderm on my clients exclusively for the past three months. even if they do not follow up with the second bandage, the first 24 hours of Saniderm seem to make a world of difference in the vibrance of colours.  The fact that the tattoo is protected from contamination and keeps the... read more

—Thomas Hovie, California, USA

Keep It Classy

“I really love this product!! It simply amazes me!   Not only is it an amazing product but when my clients leave, they wear Saniderm because it looks classy.  There is nothing worse than seeing someone leave a Tattoo Studio with paper towels duct taped and saran wrapped to their arm. i can’t stand how filthy... read more

—Krist Karloff, Indiana, USA

Stops the Itching

“I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m the guy who gets inked… How many of you just had a tattoo and wanted to wear long sleeve or just had a tattoo where the clothing was itching so bad, OR paid good bucks and get out of the tattoo shop with saran wrap… Geez!!! Said no more! Saniderm is... read more

—Patrick Cote, Quebec, Canada

Amazing Colors; Problems Vanish With Saniderm

“This stuff is amazing. My clients are wowed by the ease of aftercare and how amazing their colors heal. My diabetic clients who have trouble healing have reported that the issues they had before have completely vanished with this product. I will ALWAYS have this as my first line of aftercare!”

—Damon Michael, Portland Oregon, USA

Worry Free Healing

“Love the way it heals colors. There is no better more versatile aftercare product out there. Clients love the simplicity and worry free healing.”

—Jonny Moniz, Ontario, Canada

Simply the Best and Superior Service

“If you are serious about your tattoo art this is a must have product! Simply the best out there that will make your work look and heal like it should.  Saniderm offers superior service and great prices too.”

—Michael Evans, Super Slick Irons, California, USA

Just What You Need

“I like the fact that Saniderm can be left on the tattoo for the duration of the most important part of the healing process.   Living in Arizona, desert dust is a big problem.  This product is just what is needed!  Thank you! I’ve used many products, but this is by far the best!”

—Danny,  Maricopa, Arizona, USA

No More Scabbing

“It didn’t scab up like is usually does.”

—Vincent – Dothan, Alabama, USA

Dark and Effortless Healing, Holy Cow!

“The future is now holy cow, this is 6 days old, and pretty much beautifully healed, and so dark and effortlessly!”

—Lunargoat – Nova Scotia, Canada

Idiot Proof

“What’s revolutionary about this product is that it’s idiot proof. Use the first piece, change it the next day and leave the second piece on for a week and the process is complete. It’s great!”

—Darin Cooper, Pelham, Alabama, USA

Go About Your Business, Worry Free

“Saniderm is the best. It’s relatively easy to use, and keeps the client from having as much to remember during the healing process. It allows you to go about your business after a tattoo without having to worry about what’s coming in contact with your fresh ink. Great Stuff!”

—Keegan Ink

It’s Just More Sanitary

“I love the product. Especially for my clients whom have difficulty taking care of their fresh tattoos, plus it’s just more sanitary, The first 3 days of healing are the most important days. Thanks again!”

—vonzombies of Von Zombie Tattoo, Piercing & Clothing Co.

Faster Healing, No Mess

“I had not been tattooed for over 20 years, which my healing experience consisted of gross bandages and lots of peeling. This time I wore the Saniderm for a very large piece for 3 days, and my healing process has been way faster, and No Mess!! it was wonderful. I will only use Saniderm, and... read more

Keeps it Clean and Bright

“Best ever.  Fool proof tattoo after care, love it keeps tattoo clean, ink bright; I will never use anything else again.” –

—Kely AKA Scarhead

Protect Yourself and Others

“Saniderm is a well-made product that will cut your heal times in half while providing a better looking tattoo! . At the same time it protects your client skin, their clothes & others from body fluids.”

—Michael Evans, California, USA

Excellent for Everyone, Plus Great Customer Service

“I would like to thank you for being such an AMAZING company to work with. You have our Support 100%!! Thank you so much for excellent customer service as well as introducing  such a high quality product into this industry!!  Heal times are greatly reduced and for several of my clients who have ‘dirty’ jobs,... read more

—Krist, IN, USA

Hospital Grade for the Tattoo Industry

I’ve been tattooing for 18 years; one time a nurse client gave me a product like Saniderm that she used at the hospital, to use on her tattoo.  As a nurse from a burn unit I trusted her and we used it.  Her tattoo healed so easy and bright in just 7 days I was... read more

—Jeff T, Oregon, USA

Zero scabbing and peeling

“I am FIRMLY a believer after I used this on my last tattoo!! I have told several people about it. It’s almost a miracle. I had ZERO scabbing or peeling after following your directions.”

—John W, Texas

An Up-sell that Clients Love

“This is a sweet deal just ordered a case. This is an up-sell that works 98% of the time. 2 sheets we sell for $10.00 over… That’s a nice turn around of $540 (profit).  That’s $15.00 a pack and clients love it hands down.”

—Jon, Life-INX, Canada

Quadruple the value of your art

“I love Saniderm! I wish I had this product for all of my artwork, I can only imagine the color I would have now, if I had.  Ask your artist to invest in this aftercare item, it will quadruple the value of their time spent executing the ink application.”

—Daanyian from Facebook

Greatest Thing Ever… No Pain

“So yesterday my artist gave me a Saniderm bandage to keep on my tattoo for 24 hours and I just want to say it is the greatest thing ever. I took it off today to wash it and there was almost no pain at all and my swelling is nowhere near as bad as the... read more

—angelinajoyrex on Instagram

You don’t even know you have it on

“This stuff is amazing! You don’t even know you have it on and it works great to speed tattoo healing time. You can bypass the gooey ointment and wet scab peeling phases.”

—Heather, Orangeville, CA

No Fuss

“I first heard about this product from a tattoo health friend, so after reading the information had to have a sample. Well what more can I say other than AMAZING!!! My clients love it, as it takes all the fuss out of the healing process. It heals the tattoo exceptionally well I wouldn’t use anything... read more


No scabbing, No itching

“We have tried everything on the market, and this is the best we have ever tried.  No scabbing and no itching.”

—Kane W, United Kingdom

Stand out from the crowd

“Saniderm makes my work stand out from other artists.  It blows all other aftercare out of the entire game.”

—Robert F, Idaho

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