There’s nothing more invasive than a random stranger interrupting a conversation to grab your arm to take a better look at your tattoo. If you have visible tattoos, you know where this scenario is headed – playing 20 questions about your tattoo. It’s moments like this that can make you feel more like an art gallery or spectacle than an actual person. If you know someone, don’t interrogate them with personal questions they’ve already been asked over and over and still don’t want to answer. So before you start staring at someone’s tattoos, read the 15 things tattooed people are tired of hearing.

15 Questions Not To Ask Tattooed People

  1. Did it hurt? This is possibly the most annoying and most common question I’ve heard. Of course it hurts. It’s a needle repetitively injecting ink into your skin for hours at a time. It’s not exactly pleasant.
  1. How much did that cost? Unless you’re going to my tattoo artist, don’t ask. Good tattoos are expensive and people who don’t realize that usually follow up with “why would you spend that much money on a tattoo?” Well it’s mainly because I plan on having it on my body for the rest of my life and will always want to enjoy looking at good work over cheap work.
  1. Is that real? Of course it’s real. I don’t draw on myself in the same spot every day with magic marker. That’d be ridiculous.
  1. Do you regret your tattoos? That’s why they’re there. I don’t think I’ll be going through laser treatment anytime soon.
  1. You look like such a nice girl without visible tattoos. Well I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not trying to please anyone other than myself.
  2. What do your parents think of your tattoos? My parents don’t love all of my tattoos, but I’m an adult and they respect all the decisions I choose to make.
  3. What will you do about your tattoos when you’re older? Hopefully in 30 years I’ll be hanging out with my old tattooed friends swapping stories about the good old days and the tattoos that remind us of those times, maybe even getting new tattoos with my children or grandkids.
  1. What will your kids think of your tattoos? I think my kids will like them. It will teach them not to judge a book by its cover.
  1. Do you worry about getting a job? It’s 2015; most people in America have at least one tattoo. We choose companies that click with our culture and if it’s the right job for me, I’ll get it even with visible tattoos.
  1. Do you only date/hang out with people who have tattoos? No, I spend my time with people based on their personality.
  2. What does that mean? Why did you get it? Tattoos can have a lot of personal meaning and if you don’t know someone that well, don’t ask them. On the other hand, some tattoos are just tattoos and have no meaning.
  1. How do you hide them when you want to dress formally/for your wedding? I choose clothes that look good on me. Tattoos don’t make me less formal than the average person. To be honest, I look forward to showing off who I am while looking stunning in a wedding dress.
  1. Can I touch it? Umm, probably not. This is my body and it’s very personal. If you don’t have the permission to touch someone else, then don’t do it. It’s just colorful skin and to be honest, it probably feels just like your skin.
  1. Do you have any hidden tattoos I can see? Ew, no. If something isn’t visible it’s not for your eyes.
  1. Want to see my tattoos? No offense, but not really. Showing someone your tattoo is fine if it’s relevant to the conversation, but I’m honestly not interested.

Before you go up to a random stranger and ask about their tattoos, remember that although you may be curious, they’ve heard these questions over and over. Be polite and non-invasive and learn about the person before the tattoo.