Healing your tattoo



It’s the season for tattoo conventions, which means hundreds of people are getting tattooed for the first time. Because it could be the first time for a tattoo, knowing the healing stages might not be in your mind. Always ask your artists about the healing solution they use whether it’s tattoo cream, tattoo aftercare ointment, tattoo healing lotion, tattoo bandages or aftercare lotion. While you’re healing the tattoo, watch out for these common problems.

9 Problems with Healing Your Tattoo

Problem: Flaking skin / peeling. This means the tattoo is dry which may pull small amounts of color out of the tattoo.
Solution: Apply a small amount of aftercare to the skin.

Problem: Scabbing. The tattoo was not washed properly or was left dry for too long.
Solution: Gently clean the tattoo with warm, soapy water and apply a thin coat of aftercare.

Problem: Discharge (weeping). Too much healing product was used or was used before the skin was allowed to dry completely after washing.
Solution: Gently blot the skin to remove excess product or wash tattoo gently and allow it to dry completely before applying aftercare.

Problem: Swelling. Improper care/allergic reaction/depressed immune system.
Solution: Depending on the location of the tattoo, reduce the use of the body part. Wear loose clothing and/or shoes that keep the tattoo free from excess dirt, but allow the skin to breathe completely. Clean the tattoo according to the aftercare instructions provided.

Problem: Dull tattoo. This may be part of the healing process, as skin takes a full 30 days to completely regenerate and heal. Tattoos may also seem dull as they scab and peel due to skin healing from the inside out.
Solution: Apply a think layer of aftercare to see if the skin brightens a bit – your skin may just be thirsty.

Problem: Pimples or itchy white bumps. The pores of the skin are clogged.
Solution: Wipe away excess aftercare or use a product that allows the skin to breathe properly.

Problem: Rashes.
Solution: Use a product with hypo-allergenic ingredients. Many people have reactions to products that contain mineral oil or petroleum.

Problem: Redness or irritation. Over-washing, not washing enough, or not enough aftercare being used.
Solution: Determine which applies to you and clean the tattoo according to the aftercare instructions.

Problem: Puss in tattoo. Using a scented lotion or other beauty care product.
Solution: Use only aftercare products that are specifically designed for healing tattoos. 

You may be lucky and not have any of these issues throughout the tattoo healing process, but most likely, you’ll encounter one. Luckily, there is a tattoo aftercare that avoids any problems at all and that’s Saniderm. Saniderm tattoo bandages are placed on a tattoo once it’s complete then it’s taken off after 24 hours and replaced with a fresh piece for 9 days. Saniderm lets the tattoo breathe, while avoiding scabbing and dryness. It keeps the color in the tattoo and it’s simple to use. Take the Saniderm challenge by getting a sample today so you can try the best tattoo aftercare out there.