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How Does Saniderm Work?

How Does a Saniderm Tattoo Bandage Work? Did you know that a tattoo is an open wound? As you get...
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Can I Get Saniderm Wet?

Is it okay if my Saniderm gets wet? Submerging a tattoo in water of any kind is a big no-no...
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What Is Saniderm?

What is Saniderm? Designed with tattoos in mind, Saniderm is a polyurethane acrylic adhesive medical bandage. Our tattoo bandages are...
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Sun Exposure and Saniderm

Can I Tan With Saniderm On? Saniderm does not contain any kind of sun protection, so you should avoid prolonged...
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Does Saniderm Hurt To Use?

Does Saniderm Hurt To Use? Not at all. In fact, most users report the healing process to be less painful...
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Is Saniderm Vegan?

Indeed, Saniderm is vegan! Since its beginning, Saniderm has always been a 100% vegan product. Have additional questions about application or removal of Saniderm?...
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Problems Ordering Saniderm?

Problems Ordering Saniderm? When experiencing problems ordering Saniderm, you have a couple of options in contacting us for assistance: Either...
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Can Saniderm Be Used on Touchups?

If you’re like most people, once you’ve healed a tattoo with Saniderm it’s hard to go back to traditional healing....
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