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How Does Saniderm Work?

Now, you’re probably wondering how Saniderm comes into play in the tattoo healing process. It’s simple—Saniderm minimizes the risk of infection by protecting your tattoo so it can heal through its own natural methods. Saniderm works by locking in your body’s natural healing fluids so your tattoo stays hydrated and heals quickly and efficiently with no scabbing and reduced scarring. In addition, we engineered Saniderm to be gas permeable so your skin can breathe and get all the oxygen it needs to heal perfectly.
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How Do You Remove Saniderm?

How Do You Remove Saniderm? The best way to remove Saniderm is to find an edge of the bandage, and...
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My Tattoo Is Weeping Fluid Out Of The Bandage. What Should I Do?

Certain tattoos weep more or less, depending on a lot of different factors. Your body excreting plasma and "weeping" is a completely normal beginning to the tattoo healing process. However, excessive weeping may negatively affect the adhesion of the bandage. If you are experiencing excessive weeping, you will simply need to clean the tattooed area more often than normal.
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Can I Get Saniderm Wet?

Is It Okay If My Saniderm Gets Wet? Submerging a tattoo in water of any kind is a big no-no...
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What To Do If You Get An Air Bubble Under Saniderm

While an air bubble under Saniderm is not necessarily "bad," it will likely cause problems with adhesion further on down the line. If you find yourself in this predicament, we recommend these two options: Make a small cut, let the air bubble out, and apply an additional small piece of Saniderm over the newly exposed area. Don't have anymore Saniderm? In this case, gently try to push the bubble out by hand.
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Can I Use Saniderm More Than 24 Hours After Getting A Tattoo?

The answer is, "yes."  As long as you are within the first 48 hours of your tattoo you can still apply the bandage. However, if the tattoo is no longer bleeding or weeping, or if there is any scabbing whatsoever, apply a very thin layer of an aftercare ointment or lotion (our favorite is Sanibalm) to the tattooed area only.  This lotion will prevent adhesion to the tattooed area.
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Can I Exercise and Workout With Saniderm?

Exercising and working out while wearing Saniderm is typically not problematic. However, we still recommend taking a minimum of 7 days off before resuming your exercise routine. Be aware that sweating can weaken the adhesive of Saniderm, which may cause the bandage to come off prematurely. If the bandage peels enough to allow potential contaminants to enter, the risk of infection increases. Common contaminants include sweat, dirt, debris, bacteria, pet dander, and more. That being the case, we advise you to take it easy and keep your activity level to a minimum!
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Is It Okay To Get A New Tattoo Wet?

Don't fret if your tattoo gets wet. While you should avoid lakes, oceans, and pools, it's not the end of the world if your new tattoo encounters water. Simply clean the tattoo and apply a thin layer of moisturizer. If you're using the wet healing method with Saniderm, however, your worries are far less. Saniderm keeps potential contaminants out and lowers the risk of infection.
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Make Your Henna Tattoo Last Longer Using Saniderm

Henna tattoos have similar properties to a temporary tattoo, in that they come off after 1-4 weeks. Many Henna artists have begun turning to wraps and bandages (such as Saniderm) to seal in the body's natural moisture. Using natural oils like olive, sesame seed, coconut oil, or a tattoo aftercare product like Sanibalm will help extend the life and vibrancy of the Henna tattoo.
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Wound Care With Saniderm

When applied as a wound care method, Saniderm prevents the formation of scabs by providing the optimal healing conditions. Simultaneously, Saniderm prohibits the introduction of foreign contaminants and bacteria into the wound—minimizing the risk of infection.
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What Is Saniderm?

What is Saniderm? Designed with tattoos in mind, Saniderm is a polyurethane acrylic adhesive medical bandage. Our tattoo bandages are...
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Can Saniderm Be Used on Touchups?

If your tattoo is still relatively fresh, we suggest putting a thin layer of all-natural aftercare lotion like Sanibalm over the piece to prevent any unwanted sticking. This is only really necessary if the original tattoo session was within the last two months. If the touchup is being done more than two months after the tattoo was originally applied—don’t worry. The tattoo is completely healed. You can apply the Saniderm as you normally would. There is no worry about disturbing any settling ink at this point in time. Long story short - can Saniderm be used on touchups? Yes, absolutely!
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Is Saniderm Vegan?

Indeed, Saniderm is vegan! Since its beginning, Saniderm has always been a 100% vegan product, and will continue to remain...
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