We are happy to officially announce the launch of our brand new website, Saniderm.com! Our newly designed website is the result of a lot of hard work, long hours, and great determination.

When designing our new website, we took a significant amount of time focusing on having a fresh look, easy navigation and more importantly, a better idea of what the customer needs. This new site offers a better look at our inventory, an easier way to process your order, and a great view into the life of Saniderm. Our main goal is to provide visitors with clear and accurate knowledge of how Saniderm works and why you should choose it when healing tattoos.

In addition to a brand new site, we have a promotion coming soon. We want you to take the Saniderm Challenge! Lucky winners will get a free tattoo on their foot! But there’s a catch. It must be healed by Saniderm. Details for the Saniderm Challenge are below:


Rules and Requirements:

  • Tattoo must have color.
  • Tattoo cannot be larger than 4” x 4”
  • Video of the tattoo being done + first Saniderm application (30 – 60 second clip)
  • Your tattoo must be healed by Saniderm.
  • You must record yourself changing the Saniderm after the first 24 hours.
  • Daily documentation of the healing process of your tattoo for one week; same lighting, same location, and same time.
  • After the tattoo is healed, we will need a testimonial describing your experience what what you liked about Saniderm.
  • After fulfilling the responsibilities, we will reimburse tattoo up to $300.

More information about how to enter the Saniderm Challenge will be coming soon!

We are excited for the upcoming Saniderm Challenge and our brand new site. These projects give us the voice that we’ve had all along, but much louder.