Tattoo Healing

Tattoo Healing Stages

The Stages of a Healing Tattoo Stage One The initial stage of tattoo healing begins immediately after your tattooing session is finished. You should look at your tattoo as an open wound, and treat it accordingly. Your artist will gently wash the area and put a Saniderm bandage on it to protect it [...]

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Top 8 Uses for Saran Wrap

Let’s be honest, Saran Wrap is used for a lot of things in our daily lives, but when it comes to healing a tattoo, it should be left out of the process. Unlike Saniderm, plastic wraps like Saran Wrap don’t let the tattoo breathe and heal properly. So instead of risking damage to your fresh [...]

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The Biology of a Healing Tattoo

What is the Biology Behind a Healing Tattoo? To understand the healing tattoo process, you must first understand that a tattoo is an injury to the skin that the body has to heal itself. Because of this, the body’s immune system only has a limited amount of energy to dedicate to healing itself. So [...]

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20 Geometric Tattoos You’ll Love

Tattoo trends are ever changing and the way they are portrayed by every artist is different. One of the newer trends that has become popular in the past couple years is geometrical tattoos. They are original and give a new perspective on the traditional tattoos we all love. Check out our top 20 geometric designed [...]

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My Saniderm Challenge

I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig for Saniderm's upcoming promotion, the Saniderm Challenge. In this challenge, I got two separate, but similar tattoos on the back of my legs. On one leg, I healed the tattoo with Saniderm and the other leg I healed it with soap and water. Although I do [...]

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