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After Inked Tattoo Aftercare

After Inked tattoo aftercare is a unique tattoo moisturizer that gets its healing properties from its patented formula, which includes grape seed oil. It provides effective skin moisturizing during and after the tattoo process, and helps preserve the colors of your healing tattoo. It’s a non petroleum based tattoo care product as well, so it won’t stain and ruin clothing and bed sheets after it’s applied. Plus, it’s exceptional for soothing fresh piercings and lubricating gauges.

Using After Inked on your healing tattoo

After Inked has a simple application process: simply apply a thin layer on the desired area of skin, gently massage it in until it’s no longer visible, and then let the stuff work its magic! Be sure not to glob it on too much; less is more when it comes to After Inked! For even more vibrant colors and faster healing, try pairing After Inked with Saniderm!

After Inked versus Aquaphor and Vaseline

Aquaphor and Vaseline have a lot of great uses, but tattoo aftercare should no longer be one of them. The properties about both Aquaphor and Vaseline that make them useful also have some side effects on skin that make it very clear that they weren’t designed for tattoos.

For instance, because Aquaphor and Vaseline both have petroleum jelly as their most abundant ingredient they have a sticky, greasy texture. This works well for sealing off certain wounds and allowing them to heal. However, the problem is that when you do this to a healing tattoo with a petroleum based product, it tends to clog your pores. This, in turn, will negatively impact the healing process and compromise the integrity of the tattoo. Unlike many other wounds on and in the body, tattoos need to breathe to heal properly.

After Inked uses a special blend infused with grape seed oil as an all natural alternative to petroleum. This blend allows your tattoo to continue to “breathe,” while providing much needed nutrients to your skin.Personal Pack 6 in x 8 in

Can I use After Inked and Saniderm together?

After Inked and Saniderm go very well when paired together. And remember: a little goes a long way with After Inked. Be sure to apply only a thin layer before putting the Saniderm tattoo bandage on — avoid excessive, globby application. Shop After Inked, Saniderm, and more at Saniderm’s store. Have additional questions about application or removal of Saniderm? Read more about how Saniderm workswhere Saniderm came from, and why Saniderm is better than its alternatives in Saniderm’s tattoo knowledge base!


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