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Why You Should Use an Alternative to A+D

Dublin Ink using Saniderm tattoo aftercare

Over the last couple of decades, A+D ointment has become more or less of a household name in the tattoo world. However, for all of its uses in tattoo care, like lubrication during the tattoo process, it has some significant setbacks.

The application process of A+D and similar ointments can be counterproductive to healing. It’s important for your fresh tattoos to be able to “breathe” enough for optimal healing to take place. The globby, thick consistency of these ointments suffocate the pores, which can heavily stifle the healing process.

Additionally, scented ointments, like A+D, also create a scenario where clients with sensitive skin are likely to have unintended reactions, such as rashes and clogged pores.

What Is the Best Alternative to A+D and Ointments Like It?

At Saniderm, our favorite alternative to A+D for tattoo aftercare is Biolize. Used to disinfect wounds, Biolize is a no sting, unscented, anti microbial spray. It achieves its antimicrobial properties through a combination of two ingredients: ultra pure deionized water, and a proprietary, elemental silver.

Silver For Tattoo Care?

Lately, proprietary blends using silver have become favored as an antibacterial mineral solution in high-end organic skin care products, where the proprietary silver is generally the top ingredient. Hippocrates, also known as the father of modern medicine, was the first to note the antimicrobial properties of silver. Recently, the use of silver for its medicinal properties has made a comeback for its ability to kill certain germs.

We believe Biolize is an outstanding choice for tattoo aftercare, especially when paired with our Saniderm tattoo bandages. Both Biolize and our tattoo bandages can be purchased from our online store.

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