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How Does a Saniderm Tattoo Bandage Work?

Ally Lee using Saniderm tattoo aftercare


When you get a tattoo, you are essentially giving yourself a wound. Our bodies naturally produce healing elements to break down dead tissue and rebuild new tissue when it experiences injury — and under normal circumstances, these healing elements will dry up and evaporate quickly.

When this happens, it hinders the healing process and can cause scabbing, scarring, and discoloration. Saniderm’s tattoo bandage seals in the body’s natural moisture and healing enzymes, allowing the body to regenerate more efficiently.




Additionally, airborne bacteria can penetrate through your broken skin after you get a tattoo. For this reason, it’s important to cover the tattoo with a bandage or dressing. We advise against using saran wrap, as it can suffocate your tattoo. Remember: healing tattoos need oxygen.

By design, Saniderm’s tattoo bandage is permeable enough for oxygen and water vapor to pass through. This is important, as it allows the wounded area to maintain optimal levels of breathability. Additionally, Saniderm protects against dirt and germs, while offering protection from friction and other irritants that may further interfere with the healing process.

Have additional questions about application or removal of Saniderm? What is the best thing to put on a new tattoo? Ask our tattoo aftercare knowledge base!




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