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Is It Okay If My Saniderm Gets Wet?

Submerging a tattoo in water of any kind is a big no-no and can actually be detrimental to the healing process. Due to this, showering can be a little tricky. You need to pay attention to the exact temperature of the water, be cautious of how long the tattoo stays wet, and avoid getting any soaps or shampoos on the area that contain fragrances or color dyes.

When you use Saniderm to heal your tattoo, you will find the process much easier.

While we don’t recommend taking a bath or going swimming after applying your Saniderm, taking a shower isn’t an issue. If you get your Saniderm wet, it’s no big deal! Saniderm stays on skin even when wet. Saniderm also prevents unwanted contaminants such as soaps and shampoos from coming into contact with your freshly tattooed skin. This helps to minimize any unnecessary irritation you may experience from these factors.

Although you can easily wash after applying Saniderm, it is important to still monitor the time you spend in the shower. Prolonged exposure to water will weaken the adhesion, so avoid soaking. As with all tattoo aftercare regulations, you should avoid submerging your tattoo in any body of water. This includes baths, lakes, pools, hot tubs, or oceans.

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