Despite the every growing desire of tattoos in today’s generations, not everyone understands the culture or why people get them in the first place. People often judge tattoos saying they’re too painful, ugly or even that nobody with a tattoo can get professional job.

However, those of us with tattoos completely disagree. We think they’re fun, amazing, beautiful, everything that we want in a tattoo. Not only that, we do have professional careers. We enjoy our art and we learn from the experience and so can you.

Here are 5 lessons you can learn from people with tattoos: 

  • First impressions are overratedThis goes along with “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Anyone with tattoos can tell you this is extremely important to remember. Not all people with tattoos have are in a gang or are felons. In fact, people with tattoos are just like you, just a little more colorful.Knowing people with tattoos or having tattoos teaches you that appearance means nothing. You can’t live your whole life judging others for the way they look. If you do, you might miss out on meeting some really great people.
  • Other people’s standards don’t matterNot everyone is going to like your sleeves or your leg piece, so it’s a good thing they didn’t get it on themselves. It doesn’t matter if someone likes your tattoo or not. All that matters is if you love it and feel good about. Strangers on the street mean nothing when you have all the confidence in the world.
  • Not everything has to have a meaningNo two tattoos have the same meaning. More importantly, not all tattoos have a meaning. Much like a piece of art, someone might have it because they like the pattern or design and that’s it. Not everything needs to have a meaning, there are things that exist just because they do.
  • Only you can decide if you’ve made a mistake in your lifeEveryone with a tattoo has heard at one point of their life “don’t you think you’ll regret that when you’re older?” The answer is simple – no. Mistakes don’t matter if you feel like you were honest with yourself.Sure you might have to wear concealing shirts to work, but who cares. People are so quick to believe tattoos are a mistake if their owners need to cover them up for work later in life, but that doesn’t matter to people with tattoos. As far as they can tell they get their tattoos and a job they want. Sounds like a win.
  • It’s ok to be who you want to beOne of the greatest lessons you can learn from people with or without tattoos is that it’s ok to be yourself. There isn’t a set list of things you should or shouldn’t do with your life nor are there lists on what you should or shouldn’t look like.Everyone in the world is unique. Having tattoos just shows who you are and where you’ve been in a more obvious light. You don’t expect everyone to understand it and they don’t have to, but quite frankly, it’s your life and your business. Be happy with who you are instead of who you were supposed to be.

One thing is certain about life’s lessons; everyone needs to take them to heart and stop judging people by what they look like. Everyone is unique in their own way and we should accept those who are different rather than turn away from them.