I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig for Saniderm’s upcoming promotion, the Saniderm Challenge. In this challenge, I got two separate, but similar tattoos on the back of my legs. On one leg, I healed the tattoo with Saniderm and the other leg I healed it with soap and water. Although I do love both my tattoos, healing without Saniderm was a pain.

Panda Tattoos Healed with Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare

After I got my tattoo, the artist put Saniderm on my right leg and saran wrap on my left leg. The Saniderm was left on my leg for 24 hours and then I took it off, washed the tattoo, air dried it, and then covered it up with Saniderm for the next 6 days. With the Saniderm on, I was able to do everything I normally would. It never irritated my skin or peeled off, it was just like having a finished tattoo.

Panda Tattoo Healed with Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare

Unfortunately, the experience for healing traditionally was very different. With the traditional method, I was only allowed to keep the saran wrap on my leg for 3 hours before I was supposed to take it off and start the healing process. This meant that soon after my tattoo was complete, I needed to start washing it 5 times a day with soap and water. This in itself was a hassle. I had to wear clothes were I could easily access the back of legs and I had to do it while I was at work.

I quickly found out that traditional healing was much messier than I remember. The Aquafor got everywhere. Not only was it sticky, but it also left imprints on my clothes and my comforter.


One of the reasons I love Saniderm is because I’m slightly allergic to adhesive on tape. It makes me rash out wherever it puts it. Luckily that didn’t happen too much with this last tattoo, however, my tattoo without Saniderm was very irritated. In the mornings it would be extremely stiff and it got to the point where all around the tattoo stung and became very red. This lasted for about five days.

Panda Tattoo

After the sixth day, I took off the Saniderm and it was in perfect condition. There was no scabbing, no itching, no irritation, just a fresh tattoo with bright colors. As for the traditional healing, there was a lot of scabbing and the colors seemed to fade as the time went on. I almost looks like I’ve had the tattoo for a year or so. They both still look great thanks to the amazing artist, Justin Hicks, but there is a difference.

I’m very grateful that I got to take part of this challenge. Saniderm is an amazing product and you can see it in the results of both the tattoos. I will never get a tattoo again without using Saniderm.

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