It’s a new year which means it’s time to break out those resolutions. Rather than doing the usual “lose weight” and “go to the gym” why not save up and plan out the perfect tattoo?

Coming up with the right tattoo takes time and so does finding the right artist. This means that your new years resolution for a new tattoo will also take time and might be down the road. Waiting until down the road will help you save money and truly think about what you want. It will also give you the chance to go shop to shop to find an artist that goes with your style.

Planning your tattoo ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to order Saniderm to heal your tattoo. You’ve been planning this tattoo all year long so you want to heal it the best way. Using saran wrap or paper towels doesn’t let your tattoo breath and heal properly, however, when you use Saniderm it allows the tattoo to breath and you don’t have to worry about taking it off to clean the tattoo.

Now that you have your new years resolutions in mind, start dreaming up the perfect tattoo and have a happy New Year!