Tyler Nolan


Sunshine State Tattoo owner, Tyler Nolan, has been doing what he loves since 2005.  He has won multiple awards among a long running list of conventions around the world, and is internationally recognized.

Matt Chaos


Matt Chaos is a professional tattoo artist at BLKCRCL tattoo in Montreal, Canada. He initially went to school for an education in design and digital marketing. After years of working in the digital industry, he became tired of working on the computer for big clients and really wanted to draw again — to reclaim his [...]

Alexandra Fische


Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alexandra Fische began painting at the age of 12. During her youth she was always found with her nose in a coloring book and excelled as an art student later down the road. She focuses primarily on new school/neotraditonal, color realism, & ornamental tattooing, although she also dabbles extensively in illustrative, [...]

Dave Kruseman


Dave Kruseman is an award-winning artist, winner of Ink Master Season 6, and the proud owner of Olde Line Tattoo Gallery. He has over 20 years of experience and has traveled extensively throughout the United States, working 8-10 conventions a year while promoting the art form of tattooing and educating the public on safe, quality [...]

Alisha Gory


Alisha Gory is a tattoo artist at Grit N Glory in New York City. She graduated her tattooing apprenticeship at Sacred Tattoo, also in NYC, but is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She is also a graduate of the School of the Institute of Chicago. Alisha has developed her own signature style in the realm [...]



Edward “Poch” Best is an accomplished artist, specializing in color realism tattoos. Poch ensures a customized experience for every client by personalizing his innovative techniques to each and every piece. He prides himself on constantly enhancing his skill set with frequent colored pencil studies and other art pieces. His private studio, located in Riverside, California, [...]

Roman Abrego


Roman Abrego is an internationally renowned and award-winning tattoo artist, as well as owner of Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, California. During more than a decade of professional tattooing, Roman has found fame for his bio-mechanical and color realism work. When he's not tattooing at his shop, you can find him travelling internationally to tattoo [...]

Oak Adams


Oak Adams is a black & grey artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. With drawing inspiration from artists such as The Gurch, Todd McFarlane, Pushead and The Darkness comic books, he knew early on that the darker side of art was what he wished to pursue. His preferred style leans strongly toward black & grey [...]

Pony Wave


Pony Wave is a tattoo artist in Los Angeles and is multi-talented when it comes to fine art, illustration, and tattooing. She is also a model, actress, and singer who is outspoken about her vegan lifestyle. Both her specialized tattooing and painting style is a fresh new form of photo realism. [...]

Coen Mitchell


Coen Mitchell is a tattoo artist based in New Zealand, but is currently touring the world tattooing. Coen has become famous for his stunning mixtures of fine lines, delicate stippling, and radiant  realistic gemstones. His "ultra-modern take on traditional Polynesian patterning" beautifully reflects the cultural diversity of New Zealand and its growing tattoo scene. [...]