Aaron Is.


Originally an artist focused on watercolor portraits, Aaron Is spent two years as a tattoo apprentice before transitioning into a full-time tattooing career. Aaron Is' experience in photorealism, dotwork, and sacred geometry has landed him features in multiple tattoo publications, featured artist status on the tattoo convention circuit and a role as a contestant on [...]

Cody Dresser


Cody Dresser is a professional tattoo artist at Pristine Ink in Dallas, Texas. He specializes in neo-traditional art and excels at creating bright, bold and timeless tattoos. He has been featured by multiple tattoo publications including Texas Inked and for his brilliant geek culture-inspired designs.

Brandon Albus


Brandon Albus is a true master of the black and gray style. His use of realism inspires imagination and evokes emotions in his viewers. His ghostly shades swim in a sea of hard lines and soft grays.

Rember Orellana


Rember Orellana's hyper-realistic tattoo art mixes smoothly with surrealism and gothic architecture to create truly astounding works or art. Working easily in either black and gray or color, Rember’s art captures his personal creative vision of inspiration and mystery.

Megan Massacre


Standing out amongst the talent featured in two of TLC’s reality shows, America’s Worst Tattoos and NY Ink is Megan Massacre: tattoo artist, model, fashion contributor, and TV personality. Her artistic savvy, engaging personality, and stunning good looks illuminate her multi-faceted, cross platform appeal. She currently co-owns and tattoos at Grit N’ Glory in NYC. [...]

Jose Perez Jr.


Jose Perez Jr, owner of Dark Water Studio in Willow Springs, Illinois, is one of the top black and gray realism tattoo artists in the world. Throughout his career, Jose has looked to the craftsmanship of his mentors and nature for inspiration. He strictly tattoos in the realm of black and gray realism, pushing the [...]

Walter “Sausage” Frank


Walter “Sausage” Frank is an award-winning tattoo artist who finished 2nd on season 4 of Paramount's Ink Master. Sausage enjoys all styles of tattooing, but attention to detail is what he enjoys and sets him apart from other artists.

Joey Hamilton


Joey Hamilton is an international award-winning tattoo artist, winner of Paramount's Ink Master season 3, and owner of Revolt Tattoos. Joey's signature style and specialization is color and black and gray realism.

Luke Cormier


Luke Cormier is an award-winning tattoo artist from Newfoundland, Canada. His style is described as “neo-traditional meets new school,” and he’s made a name for himself by creating eye-popping 3-D sticker style tattoos.

Travis Ross


Travis Ross is a world-renowned traveling tattoo artist, life coach/motivational speaker/facilitator, entrepreneur, TV personality, and founder of the T.R.Y.B.E. movement. His mission is to spark and evoke emotional intelligence and support people to unlock their highest human potential through creative expression and art.