Elysium Studios


Elysium Studios is a tattoo and art gallery located in Grand Junction, Colorado. They have 8 resident artists that specialize in different styles ranging from traditional, new school, and water color to abstract, realism and surrealism. They have up to 4 different traveling artists each month doing guest spots in the shop as well. [...]

Revolt Tattoos


Owned by Ink Master stars Joey Hamilton and Walter "Sausage" Frank, the idea for Revolt Tattoos was seasoned and matured over the years with the help of friends, peers, and business partners. Winning Spike TV’s Season 3 Inkmaster competition gave Joey the ability to make this dream a reality. Revolt has established a world-class tattoo [...]

Twistid Ink


Twistid Ink is a collaborative effort between Danny Belden and Elisha Belden. The pair share a love for the tattoo culture and decided to put their skill sets to work to create an environment that not only fosters a community for tattoo lovers but celebrates the history and future of this age-old practice. [...]

The Nova Expansion


The Nova Expansion isn’t your typical tattoo shop. After working in many different shop settings throughout my career, shop owner Justin Coppolino got to know the kind of vibe that he wanted to create in his own studio. The Nova Expansion is a low key, welcoming spot where we can focus on our clients. The [...]

Leviticus Tattoo & Piercing


Leviticus Tattoo & Piercing is an artist owned, custom tattoo studio located in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. Tattoos done at Leviticus are hand drawn for each client, ensuring each tattoo is unique and exactly what you want. We have the largest reference library in the state and ten tattoo artists to help you come [...]

Grit N Glory


Founded in 2014 by renowned tattoo artist and TV personality Megan Massacre, Grit N Glory is a one of a kind lifestyle spot. Bringing you a combination of specialty custom art, style, culture, girl power, and that laid back, feel-good, rock N roll vibe. Each of our artists are specialists in their styles of tattooing, [...]

Dark Age Tattoo Studio


Dark Age Tattoo is a custom tattoo studio in Downtown Denton Square, Texas. The studio boasts 17 artists that can custom craft some extraordinary tattoo art on their human canvases. They pride themselves on top-quality work, a friendly atmosphere, and have been voted both Best in Dallas and Best of Denton County. [...]

Loose Screw Tattoo


Loose Screw Tattoo is one of Richmond, Virginia's best custom tattoo studios. Located in Carytown, it was conceived in May 2011 by internationally recognized tattoo artist Jesse Smith. His goal has always been to provide each and every client with a clean, friendly and comfortable environment, while simultaneously providing the highest quality tattoos. [...]

Art & Soul Tattoo & Gallery


Art & Soul Tattoo & Gallery specializes in creating custom art that is individually tailored to your particular needs. They ensure an experience unsurpassed by any other, and a piece you'll be pleased to enjoy for a lifetime. They currently have two locations: one in New Glarus, WI, and the other in Middleton, WI. [...]

Borrowed Time Tattoo


Borrowed Time Tattoo, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL in the Fat Village Art District, features award-winning, world-renowned tattoo artists and offers a boundless range of tattoo styles by bringing you some of best artists in south Florida - featuring Tyler Nolan from Ink Master: Master vs. Apprentice.