Sponsored Artist

Angelo Nicolella


Angelo Nicolella is a professional tattoo artist that began tattooing in 2011 in Milan, Italy. He is a self-taught tattoo artist, studying the art of realism and all its passages, and particularly the art of Salvador Dali.



Ziora is a professional tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia, though she is often traveling for guest spots. A master of many styles, she prefers and specializes in incredibly vivid color realism tattoos.

Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson is a tattoo artist and owner of Studio Elev8 in South Jordan, Utah. Mike is adept at many styles, but specializes in dermagraphic restoration tattoos for cancer survivors, as well as other forms of specialized custom tattooing.

Luis Marrufo


Luis Marrufo is a professional tattoo artist at Vegan Tattoo Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Luis specializes in fine line black & gray and blackwork tattoos, and over the years has become a master of these styles.

Craig Startin


Craig Startin works from and owns Big Will's Tattoo Studio in Lichfield, England. Not Craig excels at realism, and he also produces some incredible 'avant garde' style work which often consists of abstract portraits with polygon shapes and geometric patterns incorporated into them.

Elva Stefanie


Elva Stefanie began her career tattooing in a small apartment and is now the owner of an award winning studio, The Blank Slate, in Poughkeepsie NY. Her unique style and dedicated work ethic has allowed her natural talent to flourish, which has been recognized with numerous awards.

Brandon Albus


Brandon Albus is a true master of the black and gray style. His use of realism inspires imagination and evokes emotions in his viewers. His ghostly shades swim in a sea of hard lines and soft grays.

Rember Orellana


Rember Orellana's hyper-realistic tattoo art mixes smoothly with surrealism and gothic architecture to create truly astounding works or art. Working easily in either black and gray or color, Rember’s art captures his personal creative vision of inspiration and mystery.

Danny Elliott


Danny Elliott began his tattoo career in January of 2011. Danny's range of work is very versatile in both color and black and grey, but he truly enjoys realism. However, regardless of what genre he's tattooing in, he always pushes his work.

Nathan Galman


Nathan Galman is an award-winning tattoo artist located in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. He specializes in watercolor, abstract, illustrative, and freehand blackwork tattoos.