Sponsored Artist

Gary Parisi


Gary Parisi is a co-owner of Mayday Tattoo Co. in Chicago IL, award-winning photorealistic tattooer, and a contestant on Paramount's TV series Inkmaster Season 10. He specializes in all spectrums of tattooing; if you want it, he can do it.

Kat Michme


Kat Michme is a tattoo artist working out of a private studio in Brighton/Hove, England. Her preferred styles are dotwork, fine line, horror, and realism, but she is also highly skilled in traditional and neo-traditional tattooing.

Jeremy Brown


Jeremy Brown is a professional tattoo artist at from Ohio. Jeremy has been in love with art since he was a child. He respects all tattoo styles, but has a passion for black and grey, with horror imagery being his favorite subject to tattoo.



Gavin Foster, more commonly known as Pnut, is a Dallas-based tattoo artist. He's become prolific for creating astonishing anime inspired designs, and from a technical standpoint, he's undeniably one of the industry's best when it comes to creating anime tattoos.

Jess Baker


Jess Baker is a traditional artist based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Jess was a traditionally apprenticed artist, focusing on her own style of traditional tattooing. She specializes and believes in bright, bold, and easily readable tattoos that will last a lifetime.

Pon DeMan


Pon DeMan has been in the tattoo business since 1999 and has been an artist his entire life. His work is heavily influenced by traditional New York tattooing, consisting of bold outline, heavy shading and vibrant colors.

Cameron Pohl


For as long as he can remember, the only pursuit Cameron Pohl has had in life is to express himself through art. He always tries to view every blank space as an open canvas to challenge himself and truly push the limits of what he can create.