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Dustin DeLong


Dustin DeLong is a professional tattoo artist at 3rd Wish Tattoo in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dustin is trained and versatile in all categories of tattooing, ranging from custom lettering to portraits to American traditional. He finds exceptional enjoyment from charcoal work and oil painting.

Jo Colette


Jo Colette is a tattoo artist and owner at Ink-Tegrity Tattoo in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her specialty is a unique mix of neotraditional style and surrealist tattooing, though she is well versed in many styles.

Walt Watts


Walt Watts is a tattoo artist at Painted Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. An artist of many mediums, Walt is well-versed in everything from digital painting to FX makeup, airbrushing, song writing, animation, and design, which he uses in his unique tattooing process.

Christelle Damien


Christelle Damien is an award-winning tattoo artist and co-owner at Oly Anger Tattoo located in Old Montreal, Canada. She specializes in black and grey realism, and has taught multiple seminars on her extraordinary application in the tattooing medium.

Caleb Neff


Caleb Neff is an Ohio native, an award-winning professional tattoo artist, and owner of Blacklist Tattoo. He specializes in black and grey and neotraditional, but is well-rounded  and wants to help every clients get the tattoo they want.

Jesse Carlton


Jesse Carlton is a knowledgeable and friendly tattoo artist with over 16 years experience making tattoos in Salt Lake City, Utah. Proficient in a variety of styles and techniques, his focus is on finding unique and creative ways to turn his clients ideas into expressive and outstanding tattoo art.

“Gentle” Jay Blondel


"Gentle" Jay Blondel is an award-winning tattoo artist and piercer from Brooklyn, New York. Appearing on Ink Master's Season 4 as a strong contender, "Gentle" Jay got his nickname from his light touch and his mastery of fine detail. He prides himself on being a well-rounded tattoo artist.

Steve Sherick


Steve Sherick is a tattoo artist working out of a private studio in the California Bay Area. He specializes in ornate blackwork, creating intricate geometric and mandala tattoo designs which he applies with the utmost technical precision.

Chris Showstoppr


Originally from South Auckland New Zealand, Chris Showstoppr is a world-renowned tattoo artist. Self-taught out of his living room with a cheap online starter kit, Chris has come a long way. Now, he's an internationally recognized award-winning artist, famous for his incredible fiery realism tattoos.

Gary Parisi


Gary Parisi is a co-owner of Mayday Tattoo Co. in Chicago IL, award-winning photorealistic tattooer, and a contestant on Paramount's TV series Inkmaster Season 10. He specializes in all spectrums of tattooing; if you want it, he can do it.