10.2 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

10.2 in x 8 yd Artist Roll


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Saniderm is the best way to heal and protect new tattoos!

  • Professional size roll for healing multiple large pieces
  • One roll is enough for 40 or more applications, depending on size.
  • 10.2″ width for covering larger pieces.

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At 10.2 inches wide and 8 yards long, this tattoo aftercare roll is ideal for in-shop use by the artist.  Simply cut the size needed to fit the tattoo, apply and, if you’d like, send the client home with another piece or two in order to complete the healing process.  This roll provides up to 40 applications, depending on the size of each tattoo.  Enjoy the largest adhesive bandage in the market… designed specifically for huge tattoos! Give your shop the most professional feel by using professional products.

Artists: want to make more money? Sell personal packs with your work and Saniderm not only pays for itself… it actually makes you money! An easy up-sell that customers appreciate!

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37 reviews for 10.2 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

  1. kely AKA scarhead

    Fool proof tattoo after care love it keeps tattoo clean, ink bright will never use anything else again

  2. Keegan Ink

    SaniDerm is the best. It’s relatively easy to use, and keeps the client from having as much to remember during the healing process. It allows you to go about your business after a tattoo without having to worry about what’s coming in contact with your fresh ink. Great Stuff!

  3. Patrick Cote

    I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m the guy who gets inked…

    How many of you just had a tattoo and wanted to wear long sleeve or just had a tattoo where the clothing was itching so bad OR paid good box and get out of the tattoo shop with a saranwarp… Gezz!!!

    Said no more! Saniderm is very effective in many ways but to me, simply, it stop the itching caused by my clothes and I don’t look like a fool with a saranwrap!!!…

  4. roy haynes

    Well what can I say I have bin using this product for some time now and what a product it does what it says on the tin works well heals well and makes life easier for the aftercare well recommended would not use any other product for aftercare any more
    great stuff keep up the good work guys
    precision inking tattoo studio uk

  5. Thomas Hovie

    I have been using saniderm on my clients exclusively for the past three months. even if they do not follow up with the second bandage, the first 24 hours of saniderm seem to make a world of difference in the vibrance of colours. the fact that the tattoo is protected from contamination and keeps the ink and fluids from leaking, sticking and staining, clothing and sheets would be worth using this product alone.

  6. Inky G’s Tattoos

    All artists inc myself use Saniderm on a daily basis, if you want your art to heal quickly, stay bright and with less risk of customers not looking after it properly! this is the only way to go.

    What you see walking out the studio is what you see when they return for more :)

    Inky G’s Tattoos

  7. Michael

    I’ve been tattooing 20 years and have seen every process for healing there is.
    Saniderm is the best, bar none.
    Michael Warawa,
    Blue Orchid tattoo

  8. Unknown

    I have not been tattooed for over 20 years, which my healing experience consisted of gross bandages and lots of peeling. I wore the Saniderm for a very large piece for 3 days, and my healing process has been way faster, and No Mess!! it was wonderful. I will only use Saniderm, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to protect their work.

  9. Nathan g poston

    Great stuff I keep this product at the shop all the time. It works great by itself or together with tattoo goo to get a perfect sanitary heal, and piece of mind.
    ~Nathan G Poston

  10. polevault

    Posted by Nathan G Poston on 1st Mar 2014

    I always use this product at my shop, the greatet bar none.It gives me piece of mind that my work will stay vibrant and fresh as well as taken care of. Great for diabetics as well. You can even use it to cover some piercings for a day or two to jump start the healing process. I love you guys Saniderm!!!

  11. Sid Maske

    I have been involved in the industry since 1994 and out of all the different methods I have seen over the years for Tattoo aftercare I have to say Saniderm is the at the top. With how fast it heals, how true it heals,and how easy it is for the client to maintain.
    I especially use Saniderm on the normally hard to heal locations where irritation can sometimes be disastrous. Also on larger pieces where we have to break the Tattoo work into sessions. Which at one time it would take a minimum of 2 weeks before I could touch a already Tattooed area, Now I can reschedule my clients to come back in 1 week for the next session and not have to worry about causing damage or scarring. I just apply a Saniderm bandage, send the client home with one, and the tattoo heals in just days.
    I also use Saniderm for certain hard to heal Piercings. Such as Surface Anchor Piercings aka (microdermals). These Surface Anchor Piercings at times would start to reject due to irritation, but now with Saniderm i apply one on immediately after I do the Piercing and give the client some to take home.
    They not only help to keep these Piercings free of any bacteria but Saniderm also holds them in place and flat against the tissue, it helps to avoid snagging or catching them while sleeping, and I also have them wear the bandage in the shower to avoid any chance of chemicals, bacteria, and/or water getting trapped inside the Surface Anchor Piercing and causing a infection. So when they get out the shower they can take off the bandage and clean the Surface Anchor Piercing Properly.
    As I said in the Headline- Saniderm is Top Notch and if you haven’t tried it- Get some! Because you or your client will not regret it! (just remember to apply the saniderm dry-NO OINTMENTS)

    Sid Maske
    Nadwe’ Zibe Tattoo & Piercings
    South Bend, IN.

  12. Mike

    Love this stuff! makes healing a tattoo in hard to take proper care of places much easier

  13. aaron coleman

    This product is great !!!no more ointment, for the first three days. clean easy healing with maximum pigment absorption for brighter tattoos. makes your job easier well worth the cost.

  14. Nathan G Poston

    I never have to worry about my work being mistreated while using the product even if its worn for just a couple days it jump starts the healing process and “locks in” the ink.

  15. Unknown

    Love everything about Sani-derm. Have had good results in comparison to tattoos healed by traditional methods. If I had one request it would only be that more seams were available to remove the product backing and from film. I would recommend at least having the product on hand for tattoos in harder places to protect and heal.

  16. aaron

    Heals tattoos quicker and with less hassle I’ve been using this product for the past year and log

  17. Unknown

    Works great for healing out tattoos that are in spots normally more difficult to take care of in normal day to day life

  18. Matt A

    I got my whole side tattooed and since its a mobile area I wanted a sanitary wrap that wouldn’t come undone. The saniderm worked perfectly! I was able to completely cover my tattoo for the first 2 days during the plasma stage and prevented any scabs from forming. I would highly recommend this product for all tattoos big and small.

  19. aaron coleman

    Awesome product makes healing quicker and makes it easier for customers to heal there tattoos. Also great for the customer who doesn’t take care of their tattoos while they heal.

  20. Abram

    Tested this product on our shop manager first.. She went from healing in about a month to healing in a week! Now we use it on every client & the tattoos are just AMAZING. Most clients won’t get tattooed without it

  21. Stefanie

    Makes the healing process so much easier! I’ve used this on my last 3 tattoos and I’m in love. It would take a special kind of stupid to mess this up.

  22. Mark W

    I’ve been tattooing for 10 years and Saniderm is, hands down, the best aftercare product I’ve ever used. I use it on myself and I use it on all of my clients!!
    It makes healing easier and safer!

  23. Joe thomas (verified owner)

    Revolutionizes the tattoo healing process. I have used this for three years now and haven’t had ONE customer with an accidental infection or any other of the typical mishaps that customers complain about while healing. Fantastic product. Definitely worth the added expense. Especially if you follow the companies directions and supply your customer with a take home bandage

  24. Adam Cross (verified owner)

    best stuff ever!! I’ve had so many customers tell me about how Saniderm is the ONLY way to heal their tattoos. The name “Saniderm” is brought up to me by new customers and my regulars almost every session. Even by people who are getting their first tattoo! (“What’s this Saniderm stuff that people have been telling me to get?”) I think people love that they don’t have to put any aftercare cream/balm on it at all. And that they don’t have to watch it scab. Oh, and most of them get pretty excited when you peel off that hard plastic layer and the bandage is transparent! Everyone wants to show off their new piece! My bottom line is… I wouldn’t use any other aftercare on my customers and highly recommend them to buy the second patch. Teach them the ways of the Saniderm Force, and they’ll stay away from the Dark Side of tattoo healing. :)

  25. Carman Osborne

    I absolutely love using saniderm. It makes for a much easier and less painful healing experience. I use it on all my clients that get bigger pieces. They don’t want to be tattooed without it ever again.

  26. Ian Nock (verified owner)

    My tattoo aftercare from now on! Have been using on my back piece as mostly inaccessible without help from my wife. Once washed, air dry for 15 mins then on with Saniderm. Perfectly healed every time on back piece with 70+ hours. Have also used on arm and thigh- same excellent results.

  27. Joshua Visher (verified owner)

    Excellent bandage and all-around game changer. Have used three different semi-permeable membrane bandages on myself and my clients/customers for about 4 years now and Saniderm produces, by far, the superior product. I also use it for insect bites (reduces itching), cuts, abrasions, and other minor wounds. And… some of my clients/customers are filthy, disgusting beasts and I never have to worry about what kind of ridiculous hijinx they’re going to engage in as long as they got their Saniderm on. Fucking animals.

  28. Sidney B Baldon

    This was perfect for covering a hip surgery cut. It keep the cut and 40 staples dry when showering. I was able to cut the Saniderm to the length needed. Superior product for cuts or tattoos.

  29. Cody Pappas (verified owner)

    I highly recommend! Saniderm is a game changer when it comes to tattoo after care. I’ve been using saniderm for the past two years, it’s my go to aftercare for myself and all of my clients. Sense switching to saniderm, my tattoos heal perfect every time and it has cut touch ups almost completely out.

  30. Candace Rose (verified owner)

    This size roll was important when doing my back piece. It offers you enough for all of the work you get done.

  31. Ashley

    Heard about this stuff and was nervous with the 50/50 reviews but this is amazing!! Helped heal and stop the rub from clothes! Yes it will blister from pulling and running so make sure you keep it close to your ink and away from anywhere that moves alot. But this is a god send!!

  32. Natalee Hinshaw (verified owner)

    While I did buy this to use on my tattoos as intended, I mainly use it to secure insulin pump and cgm sites since I’m a type 1 diabetic. I hadn’t found a precut material I liked as much as opsite flexifix… but I hate cutting them by hand, which led to using a Cricut machine. The 4 in wide opsite is pretty inefficient due to the width limit (and I hadn’t found a larger size), getting the 10 in wide multi yard roll of Saniderm costs about the same AND I can get better usage out of the material cutting it with my machine. Super win all around IMO (and my WIP 1/2 sleeve doesn’t stick to the bedsheets!)

  33. Lauren D

    I will truly never do the old tattoo after care after Saniderm! Right after I got my tattoo, my artist applied my first Saniderm. After 24 hours, I cleaned it well and applied my second and final Saniderm that stayed on for 6 days. After the 6 days, I cleaned my tattoo with Dove soap and applied Aquaphor and that was IT. There was no peeling, very minimal itching (only when the Saniderm was on so just a few pats fixed that issue) and my tattoo looks AMAZING! No scarring from itching or accidentally peeling the scabs (I have a very active job). I am a full supporter of this amazing product for tattoos!! Will NEVER use anything again! I’m so glad one of my co-workers showed me Saniderm :))

  34. Justin Mammoliti (verified owner)

    Honestly this product is absolutely amazing!! It has become a go-to product now (used along side with Sanibalm) for the aftercare of my tattoos. I’ve done acouple videos of this reviewing it on my YouTube channel so you can see for yourself how well it works.

    This long roll is perfect for me and my situation. It’s super long and the widest. So if you got bigger sized pieces, and plan on getting a lot of tattoos then this is the product. It’s probably excessive to the standard user but if you plan to get a lot of tattoos or you’re a tattoo shop then this is definitely something to have readily available. Your new tattoos & clients will thank you.

    I don’t see myself ever going back to the traditional method unless I absolutely have to. I’ve preached about this product to everyone and I always say “if you’ve never tried it, give it one shot & you’ll see why it’s so great. You’ll be hooked and never want to use anything else”

  35. True Artist Tattoo Studio (verified owner)

    Saniderm is by far the best healing product I’ve ever used ! Used correctly your tattoos heal in days not weeks and look as good as the day the we’re completed! Having my art work heal so great helps with business! Not only repeat clients but new clients. Using it has actually improved my studio and kept me Bizy…I strongly recommend it and I’m extremely satisfied with saniderm! They listen to artists and make there products accordingly.. It’s exciting to see what need products will see from them in the future.

  36. Salima Gerig (verified owner)

    I’ve been tattooing for 4 months and use this on every client and wow… they love it because their ink doesn’t seem onto their clothing. Always send them with to rewrap at home.

  37. Megan Wood

    Saniderm is the absolute best product to heal tattoos!
    The ease of use makes the healing so simple for clients to follow directions at home. It makes the healing process clean- no oozing bloody tattoos dirtying up clothes or bed sheets. It makes the healing process safer- since the tattoo is wrapped in the sterile bandage the risk of infection is incredibly low. The healing patches ensure the best color retention! My work heals extremely vibrant! I use this on every single clients and I always use it on my own new tattoos.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, do it, you will be amazed!

    -Megan Wood
    Rose Noir Tattoo Studio

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