6 in x 8 in Personal Pack

6 in x 8 in Personal Pack


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Complete tattoo healing time of 4-7 days with Saniderm!

  • Includes 3x tattoo aftercare sheets.
  • Pre-cut into 6 x 8 inch pieces.

In stock

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Contains 3 sheets of Saniderm, pre-cut into 6 x 8 inch pieces – completely healing tattoos approximately 4 x 6 inches in size. Eliminate the mess of lotions and ointments and ensure your tattoo heals vibrantly with this tattoo aftercare all in one kit. Customers report less pain, less itching, and a complete healing time of 4-7 days with Saniderm!

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16 reviews for 6 in x 8 in Personal Pack

  1. Courtney Blair (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I had no large scabs, minimal itchy and flaking during the healing process. I didn’t have to worry about constantly cleaning or the tattoo rubbing up on things. I’ve been telling my friends to use this. Well worth the price!

  2. Jimi

    This product is simply awesome. I wish this had been available years ago, it is simply the only thing I will ever use on my tattoos from now on.
    No scabs, no flaky skin, minimal itching, plus you can sleep without getting your sheets all gross. My back tattoo was healed in six days, no kidding.

  3. Alice (verified owner)

    Excellent product. This was my first tattoo and the Saniderm made it so much easier. My tattoo was not very big but I didn’t have any issues at all, no pain, no dryness, and only a little flaking. Thanks so much!!

  4. Lynn Stevens (verified owner)

    I was extremely nervous about getting a tattoo but I will be getting more with how easy this product made the healing process. You literally put it on and forget about it. It’s amazing!

  5. Claudia Bayer (verified owner)

    Quick heal. No scabbing, waterproof n minimal itching.. I work in the medical field n this keeps it extremely sanitary.. like surgical quality. Used on two tattoos so far..My first tattoo I used it 10 days n then the balm after.. this tattoo I will use it five as it’s three today.. this second wrap.. then that awesome balm

  6. Zia (verified owner)

    Got my first tattoo and used this as suggested by a friend. I LOVED it. So easy to apply and made healing incredibly easy. Will never heal my future tattoos without Saniderm.

  7. Dan Dellucci (verified owner)

    Saniderm is an incredible way to heal a tattoo.I usually have some scabbing and the healing process can take up to three weeks.Using Saniderm,by the time I take the second bandage off, after six days,I am close to being healed accept in some minor areas of a little flaking.And that stops after two or three days.The best thing about Saniderm is once you put the second bandage on it protects the tattoo, along with less time to heal.I have lifted weights the next day, with the bandage on, and did not need to worry about hurting the new ink.Exercising, showering, and doing any physical work, and the Saniderm bandage protects the new tattoo.Great product, wish it was around sooner!!!

  8. Nadia (verified owner)

    Perfect thank you :)

  9. Kacie (verified owner)

    One of my tattoo artists recommended Saniderm to me, and after trying it, I’m definitely hooked! Saniderm worked so well
    to reduce the healing time significantly with no itching and very minimal scabbing after removing it. It sticks so nicely to the skin and you can feel confident that nothing is going to permeate it. I have been raving about it, and plan on using it for all future tattoos! :)

  10. Shanice Flack (verified owner)

    Very good experience. I was thrilled that you basically skip the “ugly stage” and the peeling because upon removal you are peeling off the peeled skin. Little to no itching. A little uncomfortable due to the area of my tattoo but it was manageable and worth it.

  11. Charlotte

    Brilliant creation!! My tattoo artist put this on me arm and I didn’t have much itching, NO SCABS, barely any peeling once removed and I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with it the first week! When I removed it my tattoo was pretty much healed after 5 days! I just ordered some for myself because I’m going to finish my inner forearm sleeve and I refuse to not have this!

  12. Christine (verified owner)

    First time using this and I dont Think I’ll ever get another tattoo without it! After changing the first one after 24 hours the second one only needed to be on for 6 days! I was Little worried because the colors looked weird under it but boy do they pop now that it’s off! No scabbing and it helped prevent rubbing from my shirt sleeve! Best part no ink or blood on my bedsheets! 🙌🏻

  13. Pepper J Gore (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been telling everyone to use this product. I was skeptical at first because I had gone down the rabbit hole on YouTube videos stating that people were having allergic reactions and were having trouble removing it due to the stickiness of it. But I never had an issue nor did my husband; we had wonderful experiences and it was a Godsend! Our dog is always on top of us and getting a tattoo in an area like my inner wrist had been very hard to keep clean, but this time it was a dream. Thank you Saniderm, I can’t explain to you how excited we are to have found you! We will use your product again and again!

  14. Jasen Workman (verified owner)

    I’ve used and recommended Saniderm to my clients since its first year on the market! As a tattoo artist who’s been in the industry for nearly three decades, I truly appreciate having Saniderm products in my studio and so do my clients! No more worrying about how much ointment they’re using, if they’re reapplying it often enough or if they’re keeping it clean. My clients love the convenience of the Saniderm Personal Packs and tell me all the time how impressed they are with Saniderm and how much they love healing their tattoos with it!

  15. Bailey (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very futuristic. Took a month to ship to me, but at least I got it!

  16. Stacey Rockentine (verified owner)

    Love saniderm, I have used it on 4 tattoos so far and they come out amazing with no hassle healing. I also used some on my daughter when she got a bad cut on her leg and it healed really nice. Love this product and recommend it for not just tattoos but for kind of wound that doesn’t require stitches.

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