6 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

6 in x 8 yd Artist Roll


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(20 customer reviews)

Heal new tattoos completely and preserve their color in 4-7 days!

  • Professional size roll for healing multiple large pieces
  • One roll is enough for 40 or more applications, depending on size.
  • 6″ width for covering larger pieces.

In stock (can be backordered)

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At 6 inches wide and 8 yards long, this professional tattoo aftercare roll is ideal for in-shop use by the artist.  Simply cut the size needed to fit the tattoo, apply and, if you’d like, send the client home with another piece or two in order to complete the tattoo healing process.  This roll provides up to 60 applications, depending on the size of each tattoo. Give your shop the most professional feel by using professional tattoo aftercare products. Hear what other tattoo artists are saying about Saniderm Tattoo Aftercare here!

Artists: want to make more money? Sell personal packs with your work and Saniderm not only pays for itself… it actually makes you money! An easy up-sell that customers appreciate!

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Weight14 oz
Dimensions4 × 7 × 4 in


20 reviews for 6 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

  1. Mike H

    I’ve tried everything, and this is by far the best! It keeps the tattoo clean and makes the healing process so much quicker, and less painful.

  2. Jason W

    This is the best thing to happen in the Tattoo Industry since new Bright Ink That Holds Up and last for years !!! No more cling wrap and surgeons tape for me EVER AGAIN !!

  3. roy haynes

    was a bit sceptical at first but once i tried it i was amazed it does an amazing job
    good bye cling film hello saniderm
    will not use anything else well done saniderm this is just what the tattoo industry needs for a perfect after care
    many thanks
    precision inking tattoo studio uk

  4. Chris

    I’d started selling the 12×12 sheets for clients who I though would benefit from the ease of use a while back. Then it dawned on me. If I put a piece on from a roll as soon as the tattoo is done, not only will it have a better chance to heal (limits clients poor care) it really opens up dialog to sell the product. Couldn’t be happier. Tattoos heal faster, brighter and hassle free.

  5. ace wilde

    I’ve tried multiple brands of this product. Saniderm is by far my favorite. It is more durable and easier to apply than the top brand. Plus, it’s half the price!

  6. Scott

    Amazing product. Bypassed the scabbing, peeling, itchy steps and just went to healing. I will never go back to the “traditional” way. This is so much better. I love saniderm!

  7. Joe thomas (verified owner)

    Revolutionizes the tattoo healing process. I have used this for three years now and haven’t had ONE customer with an accidental infection or any other of the typical mishaps that customers complain about while healing. Fantastic product. Definitely worth the added expense. Especially if you follow the companies directions and supply your customer with a take home bandage

  8. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t use anything else! Best after tattoo care I’ve used!

  9. Jeffrey H (verified owner)

    Was skeptical about the product at first, used it for a full sleeve. Haven’t stopped using it yet. Good stuff 🤘🏻

  10. magnetictattooalfaz (verified owner)

    La mejor manera de curar tu tattoo, es muy cómodo, una vez que pruebas SANIDERM no quieres curar con otra cosa, no deja nada de pegamento como otras marcas, los colores se quedan brutales, llevo ya 4 tattoos curados con SANIDERM y no lo cambio por nada!!

  11. Skribbles (verified owner)

    A must have for my shop, amazing product!

  12. Aaron (verified owner)

    Great product! It gave me piece of mind when being covered with clothes and when sleeping.

  13. Phillip dawson (verified owner)

    I have tried several different brands of similar products. I have to say that Saniderm is by far the most consistent. No reactions to the adhesive, cuts healing time in half, colors stay bright, and best odd all, it puts ME THE ARTIST in charge of the aftercare. Lets face facts here, clients rarely follow the artist’s advice. This ensures my work heals properly.

  14. tara wandel

    I was so excited by this. It makes aftercare so much easier. It insures that the art I paid for is beautiful and my investment stays gorgeous and true and heals with no problems! Love it.

  15. Arnold Grospe (verified owner)

    I had my third tattoo session recently and was able to try saniderm for the first time, my tattoo is from the chest all the way to the arm (half sleeve) so it is tricky to cover the whole thing but after making some patterns I was able to cover the whole thing. It did protect my tattoo as I work as a Group Exercise Instructor in the gym and I didn’t have to worry about getting infections or getting my skin rubbing on my shirt and by my biceps as I do my whole routine. I have very sensitive skin and bandages can irritate my skin very easily so I only keep my saniderm maximum of 24hours and remove it and rest my skin and used sanibalm when am just at home. First time to use sanibalm and it was great, not so sticky like aquaphor. I bleed a lot and saniderm products helped a lot in protecting & healing real quick. Also, thumbs up for their top notch customer service, order and try saniderm and the staff will be quick to assist or respond to you if you need anything.

  16. Kevin Boudreau (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I use it to wrap my clients tattoos all the time for better results when healing. It makes it easy to care for the tattoo with little room for error. Plus there’s no need to worry about ointment or excess plasma getting on your clothing!

  17. Luis (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t use anything else! Best after tattoo care I’ve used

  18. Ryan Boyll (verified owner)

    A fabulous product! Easy to use and top quality. I have used it on myself and my clients with exemplary results. I will continue to use Saniderm

  19. jared

    very good product with good adhesives.

  20. Cory Brown (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Faster heal times and way more convenient.

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