8 in X 10 in Personal Pack

8 in X 10 in Personal Pack


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Heal your tattoo completely with this personal pack

  • Contains three pre-cut pieces of Saniderm measuring 8in x 10in.
  • Each piece sealed in sterile packaging.
  • Tattoo care for tattoos 6in x 8in.

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The tattoo aftercare personal pack contains 3 individually wrapped sheets of Saniderm, pre-cut into 8 x 10 inch pieces – enough to fully heal one tattoo approximately 6 x 8 inches in size. Eliminate the mess of lotions and ointments and ensure your tattoo heals dark and vibrant. Customers report less pain, less itching, and a complete healing time of 4-7 days with Saniderm!

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions10.25 × 8.25 × 0.15 in


13 reviews for 8 in X 10 in Personal Pack

  1. Savanna English (verified owner)

    Always my go to for healing tattoos. My skin is a little stubborn when it comes to healing tattoos, but saniderm makes it simple and heals my tattoos beautifully every single time. The pre-cut pieces make it even more foolproof.

  2. Joe Weaver (verified owner)

    Using Saniderm on a new tattoo on my belt line was the bees knees…. no rubbing or chafing. It was money well spent!

  3. Brent McKay (verified owner)

    The best tattoo healing product hands down . My wife and myself use the 8×10 packs to heal every tattoo we get!

  4. Shawn Smith (verified owner)

    I bought two packs of these. When I heard about this company and after doing some research I believe that everyone healing process is different and that I may need more for the just in case. Personally my arm itched with the saniderm on. I felt real uncomfortable the first time having it on in the shower because I thought water would find a way to get into the bandage when it was peeling (just a little) but I kept a very close eye. on the second bandage I put a little aquaphor on my arm and the saniderm did not stick to my arm. It fall off, so I had to wait for it to dry before I was able to place the saniderm on my tattoo. but overall I would give this product a try again.

  5. Jim Armstrong (verified owner)

    This worked well for me. I had a hip tattoo that I was concerned would get too much friction from the elastic band in underwear and the creases from wearing jeans when sitting. It worked VERY well. It didn’t peel off. I had a little bit of itching around 4-5 days but that could’ve been razor burn. I applied one sheet immediately after the tattoo at the shop. Left that on for 22 hours, then after proper cleaning, applied a thin layer of tattoo aftercare butter before applying my next sheet. I left that sheet on for the full 7 days. When I took it off, it was almost completely healed. Totally smooth. I’ve taken care of my tattoo with aftercare butter since and it looks great. I will be using this every time.

  6. BJ Miguel (verified owner)

    Awesome bandages! Made my tattoo heal nice and quick. Easy use.

  7. Luis Salinas

    The best healing process I’ve had with any tattoo!!

  8. Gaston Gilbert

    Very good

  9. Kealani

    I can’t imagine getting a tattoo and not using this! It makes the healing process sooooooo easy!

  10. Neil Charles (verified owner)

    Best product on the market today wouldn’t get a tattoo today without using saniderm been getting tattoos for 42 years wish you came out many many many years ago if you’re not using saniderm when you get a new tattoo today you’re out of your mind

  11. John (verified owner)

    First time user and first tattoo. Purchased the 8×10 sheets as recommended by my artist at the Electric Unicorn. Used a little waterproof medical tape around the edges to help prevent any accidental seepage at night. Removed my second bandage after 72 hours as there was very little weeping. No mess, no itching, no scabbing. Now using the Sanibalm Plus. Would definitely recommend..

  12. Jess

    Fantastic! I have multiple other tattoos but had never used this product until my most recent one, and I’ll definitely keep using it going forward. I used two pieces, the first for 24 hours and the second for 6 days, and I’ve never had a tattoo heal so well. The itching and flaking were minimal and the sheet provided excellent protection from clothing and other irritants. The sheets are nicely waterproof too. The one downside was that my skin did get a little irritated just around the edge of the sheet, which lasted for some time, but wasn’t a big deal.

  13. Jon (verified owner)

    The only way to heal tattoos. Easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about messy ointments. The colors are amazing .. never not going to use saniderm to heal my tattoos

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