8 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

8 in x 8 yd Artist Roll


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Saniderm is the best way to heal and protect new tattoos!

  • Professional size roll for healing multiple large pieces.
  • One roll is enough for 40 or more applications, depending on size.
  • 8″ width for covering averaged-sized pieces.

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At 8 inches wide and 8 yards long, this roll is ideal for in-shop use by the artist.  Simply cut the size needed to fit the tattoo, apply and, if you’d like, send the client home with another piece or two in order to complete the healing process.  This roll provides up to 50 applications, depending on the size of each tattoo.  Use a large bandage… designed specifically for large tattoos! Give your shop the most professional feel by using the best tattoo aftercare professional products. Learn why Saniderm is the best tattoo aftercare product on the market here!

Artists: want to make more money? Sell personal packs with your work and Saniderm not only pays for itself… it actually makes you money! An easy up-sell that customers appreciate!

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Dimensions4 × 9 × 4 in

16 reviews for 8 in x 8 yd Artist Roll

  1. Michael Evans

    If you are serious about your tattoo art this is a must have product! Simply the best out there that will make your work look and heal like it should.
    Saniderm offers superior service and great prices to.

  2. Michael Evans

    Saniderm is a well made product that will cut your heal times in half while providing a better looking tattoo! . At the same time it protects your client skin,their clothes & others from body fluids.
    Also saniderm gives you great customer service and fast ship times.

  3. Unknown

    Works well and saves space especially for the traveling artist…

  4. ink mama

    Can’t imagine getting a tattoo without saniderm now . I am wrong side of forty and diabetic so seemed all my tattoos especially on legs healed badly, I have tried everything but this is first to really work. I have used on neck, chest, feet and legs with great success myself and my clients live how bright their ink stays

  5. Sascia

    I first heard about this product from a tattoo health friend, so after reading the information had to have a sample. Well what more can I say other than AMAZING!!! My clients love it, as it takes all the fuss out of the healing process. It heals the tattoo exceptionally well I wouldn’t use anything else now.
    I think it is great value for money, I don’t charge my clients for it as to me its a small price to pay for the correct healing of my artwork.
    I would recommend this product to anyone.

  6. Abram

    Tested this product on out tattoo shop manager who has a hard time healing (usually over a month) & with Saniderm it took ONE WEEK! Now, all clients love it (especially the ladies who need to spray tan)! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  7. Jay Green

    I’ve been tattooing for 12 years, and this stuff in my opinion is the best aftercare. Period!

  8. marallarson (verified owner)

    My artist used saniderm on my first tattoo. I knew I was getting more so I ordered an entire roll for my husband and I. I refuse to get a tattoo without having saniderm. Super easy to use, keeps my tattoo completely covered, healing is beyond belief. I have no scanning, itching, flaking, or irritation. Instructions on here are great. I have told everyone I know about this and don’t think anyone should get a tattoo without it.

  9. Daniel Reyes

    I have been using this product for several years now, and I believe that Saniderm is a wonderful tool that helps both tattoo artists, and collectors reduce the variant risk factors that can typically have an impact on the healing process. In this way Saniderm helps me insure my clients the best possible results when attempting to heal a fresh tattoo. Of all the recommendations currently available on the market I have personally found this one product to be the most important advancement in tattoo aftercare. When it comes to healing a tattoo quick, and clean Saniderm wins.

  10. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Best aftercare product I’ve come across in my 15 years of tattooing! Keeps the tattoo protected and makes the healing process way more comfortable during everyday activities. Plus it takes all the guesswork out of the aftercare for the client! Tattoos heal as they should, but in half the time. Can’t recommend it enough!

  11. Nathaniel Hoebener (verified owner)

    This product works great for me because I work in an industrial environment so there is a lot of grease, oil, grime, and metal shavings around the place so not having to worry about cleaning my tattoo every 4 hrs is amazing. By the time the 7 days are up that I can use saniderm, my tattoo is safe to wear jeans over and it doesn’t bother me as much as if it was still fresh and tender. I will be using it for all of my tattoos so I can add more ink without working about infections!

  12. Megan- Rose Noir Studio (verified owner)

    Saniderm is the absolute best tattoo aftercare system! Saniderm makes the healing process so easy. Tattoos are fully protected so they heal better and hurt less. And fresh tattoos heal so quickly with Saniderm! So much less downtime so we can get back to normal life and normal activity. The healed skin is so vibrant because Saniderm prevents scabs and thick nasty peeling- no touch ups necessary! I will always use this for myself and every single client I work on.

  13. Clayton Cumiford (verified owner)

    I’ll keep this short…..amazing product, won’t tattoo without it!!

  14. Bianca (verified owner)

    I get tattoos often so I decided to just go ahead and get a whole roll. Healing with saniderm has honestly saved the process for me and I can’t believe back in the day I wasn’t using it!
    I use it for road rashes and cuts as well!

  15. Tony Johnson (verified owner)

    I use saniderm on nearly every tattoo that I do! The work I create is many soft layers which can cause chaos for a client with sensitive skin or who does not listen to aftercare instructions well. This is the EASIEST, most foolproof method for healing I have ever experienced, and gives the best heal, every time. 10/10 highly recommend 😁

  16. Jon Smith

    This product totally rocks my tattoo healed great in half the time and way less hassle . Not going any other way sold on this stuff.

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