Large Tattoo Care Kit

Large Tattoo Care Kit


This item will be shipped October 30, 2018.

The product is a large premium tattoo care kit, intended for use on a large-sized tattoo (larger than 6 in. x 8 in. in size). The premium care kit features 1 large personal sized (10.2 in. x 2 yd.) Saniderm tattoo bandage roll. Includes 1 After Inked 3 fl. oz. sized tattoo moisturizer, for use in conjunction with the Saniderm tattoo bandage. For information and usage instructions, see our articles on using Saniderm and using After Inked. The large tattoo care kit uses only the highest quality tattoo products.

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Large Tattoo Care Kit

Tattoo care kits offer the ultimate premium care experience. Give your tattoo the nurturing it deserves with tattoo care kits from Saniderm.

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