Personal Size 10.2 in x 2 yd Roll

Personal Size 10.2 in x 2 yd Roll


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Saniderm is the best way to heal and protect new tattoos!

  • Personal roll for healing larger tattoos.
  • One roll is more than enough to completely heal large back, arm, or other tattoos.
  • Sealed in sterile packaging.

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Check out our personal size tattoo aftercare rolls! When a 8×10 personal pack just isn’t enough, the personal roll is a great option. Ideal for long pieces. At 10.2″ wide and 2 yards long, you’ll have plenty of Saniderm for your back, chest piece or other large piece.

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Weight13 oz
Dimensions2.5 × 10.5 × 2.5 in


47 reviews for Personal Size 10.2 in x 2 yd Roll

  1. Jeremy Hutchins

    Let’s face it, some people just don’t take care of their fresh tattoo work correctly…or sometimes tattoos are hard to heal because of where they are on the body. Saniderm protects the tattoo while it heals and keeps the aftercare process simple.

  2. Michelle

    Saniderm was a good choice considering I work in a dirty environment. It also simplified the healing process not having to moisturize several times a day. The one negative aspect was I could not keep up with my exercise routine. I was healing a large tattoo on my calf so a large portion of my leg was covered with Saniderm. On the second day of my second piece of Saniderm I exercised and the amount of sweat that was trapped under the bandage was excessive. I had to take the bandage off and apply a new one. I was a little disappointed that I could not do my normal routine for the week. I was happy that the 10.2 inch X 2 yard roll supplied me with enough for the extra application.

  3. Nickole Ashlock

    Very affordable and heals tattoos perfectly! I’ve used it on myself and my clients and the tattoos healed soo much better. Plus, it just looks nicer to have the Saniderm on the tattoo while it’s healing.. makes the process look a lot less..I don’t know? Scaley? Anyways, I’ve recommended it to others and a fellow artist actually bought some and liked it too.

  4. Cortney

    Such a great product. I had no trouble using it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their tattoo healing clean. It literally cut the healing time in half. Best money I ever spent. You’ve got a customer for life!

  5. Amanda Y

    My tattoo artist recommended I order a roll of Saniderm, since I get tattooed about once a month. I have used this product on my last 3 tattoos, and will never get another tattoo without using Saniderm. I feel this product speeds up healing time and reduces pain. When wearing this my tattoos stay clean and done muck up my sheets. I have noticed less scabbing and therefore a nicer healed tattoo when I use this rather than a traditional bandage.

  6. Deena

    I am a breast cancer survivor. I started my chest piece in October. (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) I placed my order by phone on a weekend and had it shipped to my tattoo artist. Customer service was awesome! And to top it off, Saniderm refunded my shipping in support of BCA! I was completely happy with using the Saniderm. The healing process went splendidly without any problems. No pain or discomfort. It protects nicely and prevents clothes from rubbing! I’ll definitely be using it again when I go back for the shading!

  7. Chuck Meyer

    Why had I not heard of this stuff before now? This has been the easiest and cleanest tattoo care I’ve ever used. The stuff stays in place and protects the tattoo like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced. Love it and plan to use and recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks!

  8. Paris Pierides

    I have been tattooing for 30 years and I find that Saniderm is the best product I’ve ever come across and I am proud to say that we exclusively use Saniderm at my studio

  9. Jamie

    I am a full time practicing massage therapist that decided to get some tattoo work done on both forearms. Needless to say I needed a product that could not only protect both me and my clients, but stand up to hand washing multiple times a day as well. Saniderm was easy to use, stayed put, came off when I wanted it to, didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and gave me one of the best aftercare experiences I have had!

  10. Connie Canitano

    My tattoo artist offered me a piece after I had issues using the normal healing process. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. The colors on my lotus flower are amazingly vibrant, no peeling, no sticking to clothes, no pain. Now I got a full side tattoo from ribcage down to upper thigh. Saniderm is perfect!! I allowed me to carry on with life without any concerns of sticking to my bed linen & clothes or scabbing and peeling. You can’t go wrong with Saniderm – it heals a perfect tattoo every time!

  11. Mendy

    I was introduced to this stuff when my fiance was getting a tattoo. It seemed to good to be true. Once we used it, we were blown away! Saniderm does such a WONDERFUL job healing and protecting new ink that it seems archaic to use anything else. Getting new ink and the issues that follow with clothes rubbing it, irritating the skin, and drying out the tattoo was so aggravating before. No more! I can get ink and slip on a shirt or pants with no worries! I will never use anything else. I’ve moved and had to find a new tattoo artist and I immediately told him about Saniderm. He’s a believer now that he’s seen my healed ink! LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!

  12. Heather

    Was referred by a tattoo artist to use this product. It WORKS. I totally recommend it.

  13. Marco M.

    This is a great product, it is really easy to use and you can tell is a high quality product, I use for my arm tattoo and it really helped me with the healing but when it comes to remove it, waoo it was harder than I thought and there were no instructions for how to remove it. but overall it is great!!!

  14. Erin Froehlich

    I was quite pleased with how Saniderm works. So much better than the old method of after-care of your tattoo!

  15. Vicki Ly

    I’ve used Saniderm on 2 of my tattoos and I love it! For my half sleeve, I made a scheduling mistake and scheduled it 2 days before my week long backpacking/camping trip in Utah, but I didn’t have to worry about a thing with Saniderm on. It kept the tattoo well protected throughout the days I had to go without a proper bath. I don’t recommend doing what I did if you sweat a lot but it’s still a great product. My only con is I had a small reaction to the adhesive that has left a slight scar. It happens along the edges of the Saniderm that is on the more sensitive areas of my skin. I’ve read other reviews stating the same thing. My guess is that the tugging of the Saniderm on the non-covered skin irritated the area to cause the rash, so I cover the edges with some other medical tape and it seems to help the irritation.

  16. Alex P.

    Best way to heal a tattoo ever! I have used Saniderm twice now and this last time I am using Sanibalm as well. The first tattoo I used Saniderm on I left the first piece on too long. Like over 30 hours. Second time I re-applied after only about 18 hours as I exercised and could feel the bandage pulling a little on my skin when I moved. I switched out the bandage after a shower then 2 days later I took it off and started using Sanibalm. My new tattoo is seriously perfect and the colors are bright as hell. No scabbing and the Sanibalm is easy to apply (I do twice and sometimes 3 times a day) and seems to keep the skin under and around the tattoo like, nourished or something. It’s over 4 weeks old now (so pretty new) but it looks and feels so vibrant. I would recommend these products to anyone getting a tattoo.

  17. Liz Corwin (verified owner)

    An amazing product that really simplified the healing of my tattoo, and took a lot of guesswork out of things. The only reason I’m not rating this product 5 stars is because there was an important piece of instruction that is on the website but not the box that I feel should be included:

    When changing the Saniderm, do not wait longer than 30 minutes between washing your tattoo and applying a new piece.

    I understand there is a very limited amount of real estate on boxes, but unfortunately my piece did start to dry/scab a very small amount around the 30min mark. Had I known this, I would have definitely made sure to keep the uncovered time WELL under 30mins. I later found the article online referencing the 30min time frame, and a separate article that mentions a 20min drying time frame and what to do if you see some scabbing underneath. I was super super hesitant to pull back my bandage for risk of pulling up the new scabs, but kept an eye on things. In the end, I left the Saniderm on for probably a day or two longer than I needed to allow some of the itching to subside (but no more than 7 days total, as directed). My tattoo still looks great, but I was SUPER anxious for the last few days after I saw the tiny bits of scab under the Saniderm.

    Yes, the packaging does point to the website for more information. However, I find it was not laid out in such a way that made it easy to find the 30min time frame info, and honestly a couple Google searches were what led me to find the information I needed on their website.

  18. Bobby J. Blair

    As a tattoo artist, I highly recommend Saniderm to anyone. I’ve been using this product for months now, on clients and myself, and love how quickly the tattoos heal!

    Additionally, I highly recommend all artists to inform and educate their clients on the use of Saniderm. Everyone heals differently and at times clients may not know, or do not disclose, their medical history. Having a good understanding of this may allow the client to be more open about any health issues and be aware that Saniderm may/may not be for them.

    Early in my use of Saniderm I washed the new tattoo with a green soap solution and would finalize the cleaning with H2Ocean foam soap. About 1/3 of my clients would contact me with concerns about redness and pimple like pustules. I had them remove the product and wash the area. After messaging the Saniderm team they informed me that the green soap was reacting with the glue from the product. I stopped cleaning the area with green soap and was able to reduce the number of clients with reactions. I continue to research and follow the guidelines set forth by Saniderm to give my clients the best aftercare on the market. However, as mentioned above some clients are not 100% forward with their health, or are unknowing, so the complete education of the use of Saniderm is a must with each client. Those who have used it will echo my praise of this product! I will continue to use this product for as long as I tattoo and will recommend it to anyone!

  19. Tianna (verified owner)

    i really enjoyed using it a lot. Keep the color looking amazing and kept it very clean. I also had plenty of extra of it left after the healing and for what it cost it a great deal. Best i have ever healed my tattoo.

  20. Katie (verified owner)

    I really love this product! It’s affordable and super easy to use, and it’s nice to have the tattoo covered without worrying about getting Aquaphor everywhere. However, I used it for a wrap around wrist tattoo and it was hard to put on by myself. By the 3rd day it was coming off the top (I’m a bartender and move my wrist a lot) when I took it off a week later I still had to use Aquaphor for a few days to complete the healing. So I wouldn’t recommend using it for a wrap around wrist tattoo, but glad I have the roll of it because I definitely want to use it for future tattoos elsewhere.

  21. marsella caraccilo

    best stuff ever!!! i work with animals so i was worried about my tattoo getting ruined and everything, but not with saniderm!!! love how it helps keep it clean and cuts the healing time! definitely going to repurchase

  22. CopperHead Ink (verified owner)

    If your a tattooist , this is by far hands down the best out there! Do your clients a favor and use it !

  23. Sharlene Belle (verified owner)

    Game changer. Healing in a snap. Will definitely use over & over

  24. Krystal

    I love saniderm and have been using the product for a number of years. It has really helped me up my healing game. I love it for tattoos. It is especially useful when healing scarification. I also recommend it to anyone and everyone for wound healing. Thanks for a quality, reliable product!

  25. Howard (verified owner)

    I got a very large tattoo on my left side. It’s bigger than a basketball. It really helped keep stuff from rubbing and irritating it. However, I am a weenie. I have no problem being stabbed repeatedly with needles, but when it comes to removing bandaids… or this… I had to stop 3 times to keep from passing out of vomiting. I wasn’t always this way. Removing surgical strips that took hide with them made me this way. So this has nothing to do with the product. It was totally me. All in my head, but I wanted to share in case anyone else is like me.

  26. Luis Lozada (verified owner)

    Saniderm is AMAZING! My new tattoo healed in 5 days! You will forget about your tattoo for a few days! Some minor scabbing in a small section of the tattoo and some slight peeling but nothing to be worried about. Colors got brighter and the tattoo dosen’t look patchy! 100% recommended!

  27. Taylor Hodge (verified owner)

    Even though I had an allergic reaction to it because apparently I’m super sensitive when it comes to adhesives I’m still giving it five stars because it healed my tattoo within the two days I wore it. I couldn’t get a third day in because that’s when I started reacting to it but hey. Well worth the money

  28. Olivia (verified owner)

    First tattoo and I didn’t have to do anything. Didn’t bleed didn’t itch no issues whatsoever. So glad I got this stuff

  29. Karyn Jansen (verified owner)

    This is the best way to heal , I have sensitive skin and struggle through the process , never again !!! I have 12 and counting and I’ll never heal old school again . If I could leave 100 stars I would .THANK YOU SANIDERM !!!

  30. Gilberto (verified owner)

    El producto es un palo para el uso de los tatuadores y una forma de cuidar a nuestros clientes de tener una curacion limpia yo lo cambio despues de 24 horas luego lo dejo 7 dias y el tattoo se mantiene limpio y notienen que usar cremas. Para mi es un exito lyo recomiendo usar el producto

  31. Josi

    Easier and more comfortable than the old method of wrapping new tats. Speeds up the healing time and tats come out looking vibrant with minimal scabbing.

  32. Eli Hutchins (verified owner)

    Absolutely an awesome product it makes your tattoo keep a fresher look after the healing process is over especially if it is colored and being an iron worker this really helps with protection throughout the day.

  33. Phineas (verified owner)

    I’m a professional dog groomer and am constantly getting my arms wet and dirty, saniderm worked like magic to keep my fresh forearm tattoo dry & more importantly CLEAN without needed to constantly stop my work to wash & lotion it. I had the other forearm done about a year ago, similar tattoos, and it took forever to heal from the constantly wet environment.

  34. Cait (verified owner)

    Only quick and easy healing here on out. If you’re reluctant to buy, don’t worry, it’s definitely worth the price.

  35. Jennifer Sharpless (verified owner)

    Absolutely the BEST product! I’m working on a full sleeve tattoo and each section has healed perfectly with no scabbing! I recommend highly!

  36. Amanda & Larry (verified owner)

    I have always had trouble with the healing process of the tattoos, since using Saniderm, my tattoos heal quickly, with more vibrancy then traditional bandaging. It protects well and heals the tattoo nicely. Would definitely recommend this product!!!

  37. Estephanie (verified owner)

    I had a MASSIVE tattoo done and the healing process on any tattoo is always a pain but this helped with the scabbing, peeling, and itching of it all. I applied it as directed and it helped tremendously! I will continue to use all of these products as I continue my tattoo journey!

  38. Amber (verified owner)

    I got a large tattoo that wrapped around my thigh and I knew that the healing process was going to be a pain in the butt. My tattoo artist gave me some Saniderm he had on hand for the first part of the tattoo and it worked so well that I bought some for myself before the second part got done. With the tattoo being on my thigh keeping cling wrap in place while working was going to be an extremely difficult task but I didn’t have to worry about that with Saniderm. After a week it was healed compared to what would have been a 2-3 week process.

  39. Brian J Baker (verified owner)

    Saniderm is great, I have a few clients that’s always calling and asking about the aftercare process, even after I have giving them a aftercare instructions. But now they all love Saniderm bcuz it’s a lot easier to help them keep up with the after care process. Also the guy Brandon is a really great business man, before and after I receive my items he reached out to make sure I didn’t need anything else. Thank you Saniderm I give you guys 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  40. Jon (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. I put it over a new tattoo so I could go swimming the same day. Worked great, completely sealed and my tat stayed safe and dry, while my girl and I were able to skinny dip together. We both got the same tat the same day!!

  41. Chris (verified owner)

    This is the only aftercare I will use with a new tattoo for now on. I had to do something different after I got a calf tattoo and my dog was obsessed with it and it got infected and what a nightmare. Bought a roll of saniderm for my next leg tattoo and this was more than I expected. Its a barrier to keep everything out and leaves the healing to be taken care of by your body. After removal it was only slight flaking, no itching, and my tattoo looks better than any other tattoo I’ve healed tradionaly. I will never go without a roll of saniderm and I suggest a roll so you can cut to any size you need.

  42. Karen (verified owner)

    Will always use this product when getting tatted!

  43. A Ruiz (verified owner)

    I used this product after getting my first tattoo. I used it in conjunction with Sanibalm. The product was easy to handle, cut and apply. It was a great way to keep my tattoo protected, as well as keep my clothes and furniture clean, especially during the first several days as the new tattoo wept fluids. Also, it was easy and relatively painless to remove. I recommend shaving the area where you will apply the film for easiest removal. Very happy with this product. My tattoo has completely healed with very minimal peeling. I would highly recommend this product.

  44. Painted Temple Tattoo SLC (verified owner)

    Our whole shop uses Saniderm and theres no better product on the planet. Perfect heals and the first few days, in its most vulnerable stage, are protected and worry free.

    Love it

  45. Dale

    I haven’t personally bought this product but I’ve had artist’s use it and I love it! It helps the healing process a lot. I used it on my hands recently and it for sure accelerated the healing. 🙂

  46. Ryan Walsh (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Had to have a half sleeve tattoo redone because of improper healing using saran wrap. Used Saniderm after the tattoo was redone and it healed it beautifully. This product was a god send. I would highly recommend it and urge everyone to get rid of the saran wrap method.

  47. Kali (verified owner)

    My first time using this and I’m awestruck! I put one piece on and left it on for 3 days and my tattoo was like it was 10 days healed!! I have no words for how awesome it worked. I’m slowly working on a back piece and this was great not having to wash/lube it multiple times a day. Plus I hate the feeling of being gooey from ointment so this was amazing!!

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