Sanibalm – 2.0 oz

Sanibalm – 2.0 oz


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Sanibalm’s tattoo remedy formula harnesses the potent sea buckthorn berry. Sea buckthorn has been used as a natural moisturizer for its intense hydrating properties to sooth skin ailments for thousands of years. And, unlike many topical over-the-counter creams, the sea buckthorn heals your skin from the outside and from within. Read more about Sanibalm and the science behind sea buckthorn in our knowledge base!

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Sanibalm is:

  • 100% Natural
  • Cruelty free
  • Kosher
  • GMO free
  • Easy to use
  • Made without gluten, parabens, sulfates, or artificial preservatives
  • Phthalate, petrochemical, and paraben free
  • Safe and effective for everyone — children and adults!

When do we suggest using Sanibalm in the tattoo healing process?

Apply Sanibalm 3-5 times per day/anytime relief is desired after the tattoo-healing process with Saniderm is finished. For example, if you applied your first Saniderm bandage, took it off after 24 hours and decided you didn’t want to use the second Saniderm bandage, you would then begin applying Sanibalm to your tattoo (after your next shower). Likewise, if you opt for the second Saniderm bandage and leave it on for the recommended 3-5 days, you would begin applying Sanibalm to your tattoo after that bandage comes off (again, preferably after your next shower).

What exactly makes Sanibalm work so well?

The Sanibalm tattoo skin-remedy formula harnesses the rare and potent sea buckthorn berry. Sea buckthorn has been used to sooth skin ailments for its intense hydrating and healing properties for thousands of years. And, unlike most topical over-the-counter creams and lotions, sea buckthorn heals your skin from the outside AND from within thanks to its outstanding nutrient profile.

Sea buckthorn is the most abundant vegetarian source of the rare fatty acid omega-7 on the planet. The phytonutrients and the rare omega-7 aids in activating your body’s natural protective properties, since omega-7 is a potent catalyst in fostering healthy skin. Its unique composition of fatty acids and vitamins is what makes Sanibalm great for tattoo aftercare, as well as calluses, eczema, and dry skin alike. On top of its healing and moisturizing benefits, the fruit and seeds of the sea buckthorn are also powerful antioxidants. They have a plethora of skin health benefits associated with them, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Suggested Use

Use Sanibalm on your healing tattoo 3-5 times per day. The formula is gentle enough that you can continue applying to your tattoo beyond 5 applications when necessary.

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14 reviews for Sanibalm – 2.0 oz

  1. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Used this several times to heal my tattoos and love it. I have never had any issues with scabbing and have had many compliments on how well my tattoos have healed.

  2. Aleeshya (verified owner)

    I use this on my face instead of on a tattoo. I have rosecea and Sea Buckthorn is one of the best thing to keep it under control. I found this by chance and decided to give it a shot. Best! Decision! Ever!

    The only reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because it takes so long to absorb into the skin and is sort of sticky.

  3. D.Patt (verified owner)

    Easy to use. No obnoxious odor, and works amazing! Love this! So glad I gave it a try!

  4. Lynn (verified owner)

    Works amazing. Does remain sticky almost the consistency of lip balm for a while. Helps keep the tattoo moisturized after being under the Saniderm for a week. Highly recomend.

  5. Beau (verified owner)

    Great ingredients, worked fantastic , no complaints! Safe and effective!

  6. Paul (verified owner)

    worked fantastically! excellent moisturizer and very effective in helping the tattoo heal faster! totally worth it getting this! sure will get more for my coming other inks!

  7. Nickie norwood (verified owner)

    It worked great and I will be using it in the future

  8. Michelle Dallas

    Honestly best after tattoo care ever. Low itch, no peeling, smooth transition. Also no messy transfer onto clothes.
    Will never get another tattoo and not use this!

  9. Lydia (verified owner)

    This is the best moisturiser I’ve ever used for a tattoo, it soothes the pain in the first few days like a dream. Then when the itching begins it helps so much and it also prevented scabbing. I love the design so you don’t ever touch the tattoo to keep clean, just rub the cream on instead.

  10. [email protected]

    Love it! Works very well to hydrate and soothe my tattoos.

  11. Sherri (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome. Always used unscented lotion for my tattoo healing. This was way faster and barley any scabbing. Highly recommend.

  12. A Ruiz (verified owner)

    I used this product in conjunction with Saniderm on my new tattoo. It kept my tattoo moisturized and helped keep peeling to a minimum. During the healing process of my tattoo, I began using it in other areas, such as elbows, knees, and on my rosacea. It works great, no bothersome scent, and if applied while skin is still somewhat damp, it absorbs completely, leaving no sticky residue. I would highly recommend this product, and not just for tattoos but for use as a good moisturizer for problem areas all over the body.

  13. Josh Souxayavong (verified owner)

    Works amazing. Does remain sticky almost the consistency of lip balm for a while. Helps keep the tattoo moisturized after being under the Saniderm for a week. Highly recommend

  14. Andy (verified owner)

    Great product. Used after I got a new tattoo and it was easy to apply and worked great.

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