Project Description

Jaded Moon, female Tattooer from Las Vegas, specializing in erotic fetish related Blackwork tattoos. She’s been tattooing sense the year 2000. An award winning smut peddler that tattoos lewd sexual images on people all over the globe. As a full time traveling tattooer, you never know where she’ll pop up. She does over 30 U.S. and international tattoo conventions a year not to mention countless high profile guest spots. Miss moon, as her clients like to call her, specializes in tattooing odd body parts. She tattoos everything from dick, taints, vaginas, and buttholes, which makes her a prime candidate for a great healing product like Saniderm. Working on these provocative areas of the body demands fast healing, and Saniderm provides that. Next time you see her in your area on Tinder, hit her up, let her tattoo you, trust me it’s worth the experience!