You have been accepted to be apart of the Saniderm Family. The final step in your initiation is to comply with our requirements and morality statement.

PDF -> Program Requirements

***We understand that right now a lot of you are currently shut down, whether voluntarily or legally. For those of you still working, we’ve heard of drastic declines in appointments as the world braces for shutdowns or economic disasters. It is a troubling time – especially for those of you who rely on an industry that is considered a “want” rather than a “need.”

Saniderm Pro/Sponsored Program Requirements: 

  • Have an active and public Instagram and Facebook presence.
  • List @Saniderm in Bio of social media platforms (if applicable).
  • Mention @saniderm in the post description of 5+ tattoo-related posts per month. We understand that not every tattoo will be healed with Saniderm, but we do request you tag any that will be with our social handle.
  • Exclusive use of Saniderm dermal bandage products. Use of competitor products is highly frowned upon and grounds for removal of sponsorship.
  • Conduct behavior in accordance with the Saniderm morality clause.


For additional features on our social media channels, here is what we look for:

  • Saniderm application or removal videos/photos
  • Participation in the #sanidermselfie campaign through photos/videos of tattoos with Saniderm applied that @mention Saniderm with the hashtag #sanidermselfie (these can come from clients as well).

Audits & Disciplinary Action

  • We audit sponsorships quarterly – ideally, our family stays full of engaged artists producing regular tattoos.
  • If there is a quarter of low representation, a warning will be issued via email. After two quarters of low representation, product shipments will be suspended. If the sponsored artist still wishes to stay engaged, the next quarter can be used to increase representation, but the sponsored artist will not receive free product during that period.
  • After three quarters of low representation, we will remove the artist from the sponsorship program, at which point they are no longer eligible to receive sponsorship from our brand.
  • If there is a situation involving conduct not in accordance with the morality clause, we may suspend shipments or remove the artist from the program permanently & at our discretion.

Morality Statement: Saniderm prides itself on upholding employees and affiliates to certain personal, community, and moral standards. Therefore Saniderm may, at its option, terminate the Agreement immediately upon written notice to the Team member if at any time a Team member commits any criminal act or other act involving moral turpitude, illicit drug abuse, or felonious activities. Termination of the Team Agreement means the immediate cancellation of automatic shipments, revocation of any applicable discount codes, removal from social media and web presence, and professional dissociation.