Thank you for your interest in joining the Saniderm Family!

We ask that you take a few moments to read about our public relations campaigns before applying:

#SanidermProTeam: The Legends

Saniderm’s Pro Team Legends represent a group of exceptionally talented tattoo artists, piercers and body modification specialists supporting our product. Each notable in style and talent the list is comprised of industry leaders. We proudly supply our #SanidermProTeam artists free Saniderm rolls shipped monthly. We are proud for the opportunity to support our Legends — and then also our mission to advance tattoo art through superior aftercare.

We consider them our the #SanidermProTeam family.

Additionally, please keep in mind:

  1. We appreciate every application as a request to work with our company and it means a lot you want to. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee acceptance to everyone.
  2. We select candidates based on a variety of criteria and decide by an internal team process. Our selection team includes industry leaders in tattoo aftercare, tattoo shop owners and judges, our events and promotions crew plus our marketing team. Together we all agree to accept an application based on portfolio as a primary factor. Adherence to shop regulation standards, professionalism, geographic location (international artists welcome!), interesting projects, media involvement, specialized styles or innovations, social following, willingness to abide by our morality clause and more are also factored into the process. There’s no specific formula but there is a necessary mandatory skill set — from there the team reviews each application based on a variety of the above additional interests per our discretion.
  3. We add to our team regularly but only incrementally. We cannot accommodate every application immediately, or even onboard every accepted artist right away.
  4. We will email you if you are accepted. Our team works hard to keep up with the level of interest in this program but if you don’t hear back after an application, or your query through social media (company or associated team members), please don’t take offense either. Your interest means a lot, we promise we see your submissions, and we’ll do our best to get back if or as soon as we’re able.