Maggie Mesa

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Megan Jean Morris

“Obviously, I have to tattoo most days. I had just gotten the palms of my hands done, and because of Saniderm I was still able to be super comfortable in my gloves while tattooing. My skin gets sensitive to the gloves, and I really didn’t want to irritate my tattoos while they were trying to [...]

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9 Problems with Healing Your Tattoo

    It’s the season for tattoo conventions, which means hundreds of people are getting tattooed for the first time. Because it could be the first time for a tattoo, knowing the healing stages might not be in your mind. Always ask your artists about the healing solution they use whether it’s tattoo cream, [...]

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30 Valentine’s Day Tattoos

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means love, hearts, and cupid! To celebrate the love-filled holiday, we went on Instagram and found some adorable and creative Valentine’s Day tattoos that are perfect for more than just the holiday. 30 Valentine’s Day Tattoos Cute Kissing Bunnies Instagram Be Mine Instagram Love at a Crosswalk [...]

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