There are so many tattoo artists throughout the world and each one of them has a different procedure for everything they do. Unfortunately, for tattooees like myself, that means the constant question of what to be doing regarding new tattoo care.

Before I knew of Saniderm, I was constantly asking others how to take care of my tattoos. Every new tattoo I’d get, I’d have to ask the artist or Google what I should do. Thanks to Saniderm, tattoo aftercare is more simple! However, there are a few things that you should remember when it comes to tattoo aftercare. So we rounded up 10 things you should avoid doing when you’re healing a tattoo, no matter the method.

Tattoo on neck

Ten Things NOT to Do When Healing Tattoos

  1. Don’t scratch or pick at it. Luckily, Saniderm covers your tattoo, so you’re less likely to do this. However, if you’re using a different tattoo aftercare, leave it alone. This will diminish the tattoo coloring and leave a scar on the tattoo.
  2. Avoid sunlight. Direct sunlight will make the tattoo fade, especially while it’s in the healing process.
  3. Keep it covered in loose, clean, cotton fabric. If you wear tight-fitting clothes over the tattoo, it will rub and irritate the skin, making the healing process longer and more difficult.
  4. Avoid soaking the tattoo in baths, hot tubs, or any water. Your tattoo is an open wound, and soaking it in water can cause bacteria to build up.
  5. Don’t let your pet rub up on it. Even though your furry friends are cute, avoid letting them touch your new tattoo too much. This can lead to infections and irritation.
  6. Try not to show off your tattoo at first. Your tattoo will look scabby and kind of gross, and the constant pulling up and down of your clothing can cause major irritation.
  7. Ignore all wives tales about tattoos. Listen to your artist about healing your tattoo — not your friend who got one 4 years ago. The tattoo process is always changing, and it’s better to have the latest information rather than outdated information. New tattoo care is important, so make sure to ask the experts!
  8. Give your skin at least 2 weeks to heal. Your tattoo is for life. Don’t ruin it by rushing the healing process. Some tattoos take longer to heal than others, depending on the location and how densely packed the ink is.
  9. Avoid scented soaps and lotions. The chemicals used in scented soaps and lotions can irritate your tattoo and make the color fade faster.
  10. Listen to your tattoo artist about the healing process. You’re protecting artwork that you paid good money for. Now is not the time to take shortcuts, nor is it the time to improvise with the healing process. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist about new tattoo care tips and tricks!

Following these simple steps will ensure that your tattoo is vibrant and scar free, especially if you use Saniderm. Once it’s fully healed, you’ll be proud to show off your ink wherever you go!