Let’s be honest, Saran Wrap is used for a lot of things in our daily lives, but when it comes to healing a tattoo, it should be left out of the process. Unlike Saniderm, plastic wraps like Saran Wrap don’t let the tattoo breathe and heal properly. So instead of risking damage to your fresh new tattoo by using Saran Wrap, use your plastic wrap for one of these alternative options!

Top 8 Uses for Saran Wrap

  1. Wrapping Leftovers – Of course this is at the top of our lists. Plastic wrap keeps your food fresh for when you want to revisit it in the middle of the night.
  2. Preserve Paints and Spackles – Cover paint, patching compound, or putty with a layer of plastic wrap before replacing the container lid. This will keep it from drying out so you can use it on a later date.
  3. Store Cutlery – If you’re moving or just putting flatware in storage or your just trying to get rid of old forks you can seal each of the utensils tightly with plastic wrap. That way, there’s no chance they’ll fall apart or separate during transit, and they’ll all be in the same place when you arrive, making unpacking so much easier.
  4. Prevent Spills – Traveling can be a hassle in itself. Prevent your shampoo lotions and other bath products from leaking while they’re in your bags. Place a square of plastic wrap over the open container before placing the cap over it.
  5. Keep a Paint Roller From Drying Out – If you’re mid-paint, but need to break for the night and don’t want your rollers to get crusty, try wrapping them in plastic wrap! It will keep the paint from drying out the roller and you not needing to buy a new one.
  6. Fix drafty windows – If your drafty windows are driving you crazy you can cover your windows entirely in plastic wrap. Although it’s not the ideal fix, you can place wadded up plastic wrap in cracks to ensure no chilly air gets in.
  7. Dress Up Your Walls – Who needs sponges when you have plastic wrap. Press a wrinkled sheet of plastic wrap against a freshly glazed wall while it’s still wet, then remove it to create a textured look. Repeat for the entire wall.
  8. Remove sticky adhesive – Got a sticker that just won’t let go even after what feels like hours of scrubbing? Try plastic wrap! Seal a wet paper towel over the offending sticker with plastic wrap until it softens enough to be easily removed.

Now that you know what to do with all your extra Saran Wrap, leave it off your tattoos! Plastic wrap is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and your tattoo will become a petri-dish. So instead of ruining your fresh new ink, give Saniderm a try and see your tattoo heal brighter, faster, and fresher. Request a free sample today and try Saniderm on your next tattoo!